How often is Christ's blood offered at your parish?


I have never had the oppotunity to recieve Christ’s blood during communion other than my first communion six months ago when the priest dipped the host in wine.

I know recieveing it isn’t necessary for having the full “effect”. When you recieve His body, you also recieve his blood.

But how often does your parish offer Communion wine for lay people?


Usually, in my area, it’s about June -September due to cold and flu season.


Every Mass with very few exceptions. Not everyone who receives partakes of the wine, though.


Almost every Mass


The parish I was in for 22 years never did (was very traditional). I’ve been to several parishes since then and they all offer the chalice with the Precious Blood.


The last time I went to a Mass where the Precious Blood was not offered it was at a university parish with a meningitis outbreak on campus. They refrained from the Precious Blood for a few months until the student health office gave its ok. Otherwise it is offered at every Mass.


In my Parish the Precious Blood is offered at all of the Saturday Vigil & Sunday Masses.


A lot less often then in previous years. When I was growing up in the 90’s they offered it at every mass. Now it is rare to see the precious blood offered at any parish I’ve attended.


I remember when I was a Lutheran, we each recieved the blood in miniature-chalices that the priest poured us.
Catholics drink directly from the same chalice, I assume?


Wow, that often!
Looks like an American norm to recieve the Precious Blood that frequently.
Have never experienced it myself.


All weekend masses except during flu or strep outbreaks.


I have been a Eucharistic minister and the priest consecrates all chalices, especially in big churches and hands them to the Eucharistic ministers. I haven’t seen sharing between the chalices before, but am not sure that it doesn’t happen somewhere.


FYI, lay people serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion - EMHCs.

Eucharistic Ministers are ordained priests, bishops, etc.


Every Mass, daily and Sunday. And actually, including funerals


My parish never offers it.


I go to a few different churches for daily mass and some do and some don’t. On Sundays my parish always has it. I usually will only receive the bread though.

The GIRM says that it is good to receive it in both forms when it is offered, but I often don’t feel like I have enough time to swallow between and I’m afraid the bread (or at least some of it) might come out of my mouth.


Where I grew up (rural), it was every other Saturday or Sunday. So if the Blood was offered on Saturday one week, it would be offered on Sunday the following week, alternating in this way.

Every Sunday at my Catholic college.

Never offered at all at my first parish as a young adult (moving to another city as a single).

At our current parish, it’s offered every weekend. Whether I receive or not really depends on how many people are in line. Germs and such aren’t such a huge concern to me, but I just don’t like when there’s a huge line that backs up into the main line.


Communion is offered in both kinds at all our Masses.


I believe every Mass I’ve ever attended offered both species. Every weekend Mass for certain, and I believe the weekday Masses as well (I’ve only been to one weekday Mass in my home parish, not counting Holy Days).

Certainly the priest, at least, receives the Precious Blood, right?


He recieves, of course.

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