How often should i go to confession???

Hey all,

I know there is not an exact rule and answer to this I just want to hear peoples opinions on how often confession should be celebrated???


PRN – as needed.

(when there are any mortal sins…as soon as one can is best)

When there are not:

Some go weekly…some go monthly…some go twice a month…

Tis up to you.

It is my understanding that at minimium you need to go at least once a year. However, if the Pope is going weekly we can all probably stand to go more often. I try to go at least once a month and more often depending upon time and my … umm… transgressions.

The Church asks at least once a year.
think by yourself and your feelings…

The Church says once per year is the minimum. Personally, I would want to go more often since you never know when something will throw a monkey wrench into your plans.

I was told every few months but I think you need follow your spirit and go as needed. I know some people who go weekly, some every day. I think a lot depends on what is going on in your life, your schedule as well as the availability of priests in your area. Some areas have more priests which makes their availabilities greater. Ideally you should go during Lent and then sometimes inbetween. I’m new to confession so I don’t have a great amount of experience with it.
Enclosed is an interesting link someone posted on facebook a while ago.

My pastor used to advise the RCIA to go at least every three months, and usually not more than once a week.

If you wait more than three months, you cannot thoroughly examine your conscience for that long a period. More frequently than once a week may lead one to scruples. Note that this is just an observation; not a proven fact.

I find once a month best. Weekly, I would tend to go through the motions without really working up a sense of repentance. Less than monthly, I really don’t examine my past as well as I should. Also, once a month is a convenient pattern to stick to.

I note a lot of familiar faces in the line; so think others probably follow this pattern.

Again, this is just practical experience; no moral obligation.

I find that after two weeks, I feel like I need to go. It’s like a need a good shower.

You should go when you are aware you have committed a mortal sin and are sorry, so sorry that you want and need to get right with God. If you are not aware you have a mortal sin then every couple of months, like changing the oil in your car, will make you run better. If I recall correctly, Pope John Paul II went to confession weekly.

By the way, the Church has no requirement to confess once a year. The Church does have a requirement to receive during the Easter Season so you can see why most people think they only have to go once per year. In fact, if you truly have not committed a mortal sin in five years you don’t need to go for five years.

My boss suggests once a month. Sooner if mortal sin is involved.

I go every week, but every so often is good enough.

If you sin mortally, as soon as possible. If, like some Catholics, you are able to go indefinitely without sinning mortally, I still recommend you go more than the canon law-mandated once-a-year visit. Confession does, after all, confer sacramental grace that strengthens you against sin.

If I can avoid mortal sin, I still plan on going once at least every 40 days, at the most. This allows me to accrue the maximal number of indulgences (as one requirement for plenary indulgences is that one receives confession within 20 days, before or after, of the indulgenced work), so I can offer them up for the benefit of the holy souls in Purgatory.

Each person must decide this themselves, but I’ve decided once a month unless I feel the need to confess sooner. I’m just new at this though.


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