How often should we spend time with the bible?

My mom likes to unite us to read the bible daily and spend about 3 to 10 min reading. Afterwards, she summarizes what we read for 20 minutes… which is what I don’t like to do. I don’t mind reading the bible more than 10 min but I don’t want to be listening what we already read (unless if I didn’t understand it). I sometimes skip bible reading with the family because of that reason. And when I do, my mom comes to my room and starts telling me that I will be making my soul dirtier, going to hell, etc. and it really annoys me because I highly doubt I will go to hell for skipping only one day. I get that my mom cares for me, but I think she goes a little too far in what she says.

Which brings me here, how often should we spend time reading the bible? Is it necessary to read the bible literally everyday? And is it okay to be reading the bible on your own without joining your family? I wouldn’t mind hearing your guys opinions about this but I would really appreciate if I get a response that is actually true.

P.S. For those wondering how old I am, I am 18 years old. Also, I am not trying to act against the bible (even though it looks like it lol).

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