How Often when you pray do you get a prophetic personal Revelations

The prayer group 1cor. 14 25 has effective result s

Sometimes its just a whisper, sometimes I don’t hear it, sometimes its a sledge hammer revealed in a sermon at Mass.

Good answer.
We should all be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

I don’t receive prophetic personal revelations but have been very blessed to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit at times to help me understand something and growth in faith. I just figure that because I wasted so much time with my back to God and am slow in picking things up, I need some extra help to shuffle an inch in the right direction.

Never. :blush:

Enough to know that it’s always unexpected! :slight_smile:

Gotten some from the evil one. Having a spiritual director who can discern such things is so important.

Ive had quite a few since 2010 (when I came back to Christ) I pray that everyone could have them.

I’ve experienced some answers when asleep… It maybe intuited of course.

How true! And St John of the Cross gives you the thumbs up.

That could be extremely dangerous, at least for some.
The demonic powers are only too happy to oblige those who like, or wish for, that sort of thing.
There’s a danger of pride, as well.

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