How old is chanted Our Father?

At mass today, we said the typical Our Father chant used in the vast majority of English-language parishes I have been to. How far back does this “melody” date?

The ‘Our Father’ prayer which is used in the chant comes from Matthew’s Gospel (6:9-13). Any further use as a chant, I am not sure?

I think he was asking about the melody for the chanted version that is sometimes used at Mass.

I looked in my Graduale Romanum (Latin) and unfortunately unlike other chants of the ordinary there’s no date above the staff.

There are actually several melodies used, as well as melodies for the Divine Office. I’m not sure which is used in English in the USA.

I did find this though, which may be of some help.

Interesting. That page states “The one familiar to most people is not in the book.”

I’m pretty sure “the one familiar to most people” is the one I am speaking of, which can be heard in the following video:

I’m pretty sure this is the one written (adapted by?) Robert Snow. I think it is often just called “the Snow Our Father”. Here it is on a youtube video:

Here is a very full discussion of it:

Yes, that’s it, thank you! Apparently written in 1964.

This raises a new question that I couldn’t find in a quick online search: Who is Robert Snow?

The version linked to in this thread is one I have heard a couple of times, but I would not call it “used in the majority of English-language parishes.” I would say that one is here:

Yes, that’s the one, and as 27lw pointed out in #5, it’s by Robert Snow.

My latest question: Who is Robert Snow?

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