How old was Mary when she gave birth to Christ?

Hi, I was just wondering how old Mary is believed to have been when she gave birth to Jesus and also at the time of her departure to heaven. What year did her Assumtion take place in? I find details like this helpful and interesting. Also, if possible, I would like to know the ages of Peter and the Apostles, I suppose in relation to Jesus. Thanks a bundle.

While there has been speculation on the part of theologians, historians, and Scripture scholars over how old Mary was when Christ was born and how old she was when she was assumed into heaven, the answer is that we simply do not know for sure. Scripture tells us very little of the biographical facts that modern historians consider important. Luke, for example, was unusually free with biographical data by placing the birth of Christ during the first census ordered by Caesar Augustus that took place when Quirinius was Syria’s governor (cf. Luke 2:1-2). Beyond such hints, the ancient historians simply did not consider it necessary to satisfy the readers’ curiosity with biographical details.

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