How Old Was Saint Joseph, When Jesus Was Born? An Explanation


cool article, thanx 4 sharing :slight_smile:

:shrug: I still prefer the Eastern view of him being an elderly widower. And since neither is dogmatic (as long as the view includes the PV), it’s the one I’ll stick with. I will say, though, that it’s not founded entirely on arguing for them actually being Jesus’ (step-)brothers. It also explains why Jesus entrusts Mary to one of his disciples while dying on the cross. Why would he do that if she still had a living husband?

Even if one agrees with the article, one can still hold to a much older St. Joseph when compared to the age of the Virgin Mary. Some have suggested that Mary was only 15 at the Annunciation. If St. Joseph was around 30 yrs. old at that time, he would have been twice the Virgin Mary’s age, and yet still be a very able and competent family head and protector. Also by the time Jesus was 21, Joseph would have been over 50 Yrs. old. In that era, it is not at all unusual for that to be seen as a ripe old age, if he had died around then. In my view, at the very least, St. Joseph would have needed to live long enough for Jesus to take over the role of Protector of the Virgin Mary. We know Jesus provided for her continued protection by the traditionally virginal St. John the Apostle from the Cross.

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