How old were Mary and Joseph at the time of Christ's birth?

Does Scripture give any answer to this question? I read on a “christian.” website that Mary was 12 and Joseph was around 80 and went on to say it was found in the Catholic encyclopedia. Is this true?

The Catholic Encyclopedia says that Mary was 12-14 and that Joseph was around 90 . . .

That’s just my two cents.

i wish they would have left that part out

Why? Mary was shocked by Gabriel’s annunciation to her that she would bear a son. Would someone who was engaged and about to be married be shocked at such an announcement? No! Childbearing is a normal part of marriage, right? Unless, this was no normal marriage - and we know that it was not. Their ages do not matter, as God chose each of them. The words of Saint Joseph, while not recorded in scripture, do not matter, as his actions spoke louder.

edgar allen poe married babies too but hes still creepy

It seems you have a very small appreciation of the culture of that time.

so did god it seems

Remember that this was a chaste marriage, made solely for the purpose of protecting our Lord during His infancy and childhood. It was not a marriage that bore any resemblance to what we know as marriage today. Church teaching, backed up by scripture, leaves absolutely no room for anything “creepy” in the marriage of Joseph and Mary. Be glad that it happened!

This makes little to no sense, it was socially acceptable for this age difference in marriage at the time. I think God was very appreciative of the culture so He chose a ‘just man’ to be the foster father of His son.

Your understanding of marriage is steeped in 20th century culture mentality, no offense.

i think he was hard up for virgins.

What?! I find this disrespectful to God, Our Lady, AND the Christian faith in general.

I would wholeheartedly go alone with what you have said.
Perhaps the disparity in age difference between Mary and Joseph was deliberately intended
by God to throw off mere speculation from human radical assumptions.
Without a doubt the Incarnation was the greatest miracle.

i think it was pretty disrepectful that we the sinners fowled up his creation so bad that a twelve year old little girl had to have her life wrecked so that chumps like us could have a chance at salvation.

WOW, you think Mary’s life was wrecked? Do you have any love for Jesus at all? Mary lead the most fulfilling life possible, you simply cannot understand it.

im sure the passion was very fullfilling as a mother

Now why would you make a statement like that?
If the miracle of the Incarnation hadn’t taken place 2000 years ago perhaps God would have destroyed the human race. I should think that BOTH God’s gift of Himself in the Incarnation and Mary’s declaration of her FIAT was nothing less than a great sign of humility and immense love beyond human compare.

You do realize that Jesus’ passion was at the age of 33, right? Yes, the passion was a horrible thing for her to experience but she gave birth to God Incarnate, she was His greatest follower. Mary loved Christ with such a love none of us could understand, Our Lady understood why He had to die this way; it might even be said that she initiated His ‘hour.’ I would give ANYTHING to go back in time and be one of Jesus’ disciples; while this would be best, I know I have Jesus with me here on earth, in the Blessed Sacrament.

Consider that, in order for prophecy to be fulfilled (Isaiah 7:14), Jesus had to be born of a virgin. Since we know that He was a sign that was to be contradicted and many would deny and speak against Him (Luke 2:34), how to prove the virgin birth? Only if His mother was a perpetual virgin can the truth of the virgin birth be proved.

Well said. :clapping:

i get it its a gift but its lame that we were so bad at sacrifice that he has to suffer it himself and yeah i think if things had been different maybe mary would have got to be a child briefly, when my daughter turned twelve she learned how to rollerskate she was not required to save the world.and i am glad of that.

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