How old were you?


How old were you when you were ordained, married, or took religious vows? Which one was it? When did you find out your vocation? If you married, when did you start your relationship with your spouse


I was 27 when I was ordained to the diaconate and 28 when I was ordained to the priesthood. I went straight into seminary out of college and spent six years there.



Married - my wife was 23 and I was 26.


I turned 22 a week after we got married.

DH was 28.


I was 28 when I was Married, and my wife was 24.

I have siblings that aren’t on this forum who were Married at 33 (spouse was 20), 22 (spouse was 21), and 24 (spouse was 26), respectively.


Married at 23.


Married at 26, almost 27. Hubby was almost 30. (He had been previously married at 22, almost 23. They split up after 4 years. We met just over a year after their separation. The Church gave him a declaration of nullity.)


I was married a week from my 35th birthday. I strongly considered a religious vocation for about a year when I was 32/33.


I married at 23


Married at 30.


I married a week after my 30th birthday. I was received into the Church at 16 (even though that wasn’t in your question). And by the grace of God, I’ve been discerning the permanent diaconate.


I’m sixteen and started RCIA but had to quit. I’ll be able to start again next year or start attending an FSSP parish and talk to the priest there @cor_ad_cor



I had just turned 22, he was 26. We’d been dating since just after my 19th birthday.

He proposed and I accepted 2 weeks after we met. But then a few months later he joined the Forces and I went to nursing school and we were apart for over 2 years. We finally got married 3 months after I finished nursing school.


Married at age 22 (1977)
Met wife in 1970 (ages 15 (me) and (14))
Realized it was “meant to be” when we 20 and 19, respectively).

Son age 39 (Married; Two daughters, age 9 and 18 months)
Daughter age 37 (Still single)


Oh my! You have an 18-month granddaughter! Can she speak?


She seems to think she can…Momma, DaDa, and Sissy is all I can make out, but it doesn’t keep us from gabbing away!


Married in 2009.

Wife was 32 and I was 25. We have our tenth anniversary in July!

We started dating in 2006.


I first met my future spouse when I was 21.
At the time I was in a relationship of several years with someone else, that was not going well, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ever get married.
At age 29 after several more relationships that went nowhere, I decided if he wanted to marry me, I would do so, otherwise I thought I should stop seeing him and figure out something else to do with my life.
I got engaged to him when I was 30 and married to him when I was 31.


Married. I was 21, he was 23.


24 when married, 23 met my husband

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