How old were you?


Both 22 when married. Both 18 when met in freshman year of college.


Married at 25


Vowed to God and myself that I would enter the Catholic Church. Nothing official, and I’m not yet able to begin RCIA, but this is the closest I got :joy:


We met when both at age twenty, married two and a half years later, at age twenty-three. We both have had a variety of occupations since completion of high school graduation.


Met DH at age 21, married him at age 26.


A year or so after our marriage, my wife’s parents introduced me to some friends of theirs, a couple they’d known for a long time. They said “hello” very politely and we had a short, friendly chat, but my mother-in-law told me afterward that, in private, they had expressed their disapproval of “such a young girl marrying a man so much older than herself.” My wife is, in fact, a few months older than me. We were both 26 or 27 at the time . Appearances can be deceptive.


Married at 21 dh was 22. Just celebrated our 57th anniv. 3 children all in their 50’s now. Wow.


Wow, that’s great


I was married at 20, my husband was 30. We both wanted a large family and we were blessed with eight children, four boys and four girls.

He died of cancer 22 years ago, and I have been a widow ever since…with twelve grandchildren now and one great grandson. I am very thankful for the large family, and we all keep in touch with each other via phone, internet, and visiting in person.


Married at 28, my wife was 25. We had been dating for four years. We’ve been married 23 years.


Ordained at 39. Discerning for a fair while before that. I took my time but had fun along the way! :sunglasses:


Met when we were both 18. Married when we were 23. Just had our 20th anniversary.


Met when we were both 30, married when we were both 32.


Married a few months shy of my 32nd birthday. He was 35.


Married both of us at 32. Met in college 10 years earlier but I moved to the east coast and she wanted to go to grad school.

My dad ordained at 30 married at 35.


14 or 15 in the Lutheran Church, 57 in the Catholic Church.


Got married at 24. We met when I was 22. He was 29 when we met and 31 when married.


Man this thread makes me feel alone



I was married at 25 and my wife was 22. We had met at college, and each of us had been seriously involved with another. Started off as a very sincere friendship and progressed for different reasons. We married between our fourth and fifth year of professional school, a few years after my wife converted to Catholicism and far away fro each other’s hone. That was 35 years ago.


I was married at age 26. My husband was 28. This was mid 1980s. We met in college but it was seven years before we got married.

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