How old were you?


Ah, sorry.:heart:


Married at 30.


Single from the day I was born and will be until the day I die. Such is the life of a gay Catholic man trying to follow the Church’s teachings. I pray I’ll be able to persevere til the end. It seems to be getting harder the older I get.


Single, married, or religious, we are all struggling to persevere to the end.


Well honestly I met hubby at 18 he was 24-----we married 2 years later. Ok this will sound very strange but even after we were married I didn’t “accept or find” this was my vocation for a few years after that. I had NEVER thought I would marry or have children. I thought I would be a cloistered Carmelite nun. Like I said it took quite a few years to accept that God had NOT called me to be a cloistered Carmelite nun. I had to accept that I was called to be a wife and mother. Now 33 plus years later I’ve finally come to terms with that and am THANKFUL to God for His giving me hubby and our sons. I now know my marriage, motherhood are the vocation God choose for me.


Praying for you that you can continue to live a chaste holy Catholic life and be rewarded in Heaven for doing so:

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


You are not alone. I promise God hears your prayers and your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. I also realize that my words are of no consolation and for that I am truly sorry. I pray you find a soul who is willing and able to connect in ways that are both morally acceptable and also intimately. As a woman who has been married for many years, I assure you the most intimate ways of connecting to a lover are not sexual at all. At this stage of my life, intimacy rarely involves even being in the same room with my spouse. Instead it usually involves working towards a common goal and helping each other towards heaven. I pray you find the true meaning of love and the connection you crave. My heart hurts for all people who feel lonely. It is a very heavy cross to bear. I have experienced it at times in my life on a much smaller scale. You are loved. I hope one day you can feel that love.


^^^^^^ Beautifully said. I will pray too.


I’m totally alone now too because after 23 years of marriage the dude dropped dead. Sooner or later we all end up alone. Be glad you’re getting some practice at it, it’s a good skill to have.


There are many days when I wish God had called me to do just that. The grass looks greener over there than the yard I’m in right now.

He didn’t, though, so I have to do what he apparently wants me to do right now.


Yeah I’m sorry to hear that. I am getting good practice at being alone. I earn my PhD in singleness next semester. Lol

But on the bright side…At least you had someone for 23 years.

I think I’m gonna be alone for good



This thread is discriminatory towards those of us who are single and of the laity. :angry:

I call for reparations. I’l personally take the beach-front property where I can be miserable all the rest of my single days.


Oh yes God sees and knows all and we don’t. He loves us more than we love ourselves and he knows us better than we know ourselves.


Having money doesn’t make a person as happy as you think it might

Source: I have money



I took another path that led to a bad marriage and divorce, but a great son. At 22 I married a Catholic girl my same age. Thirteen years and a son later she filed for divorce. She fell away from the church. Six years later at age 42 I married another Catholic girl my age who was a widow and also had a son. She married me and fell away from the church. After bouncing around some Protestant churches, we ended up back at the Catholic Church. At age 60 my first marriage was annulled and my second marriage convaliated in the Catholic Church, and I became Catholic and both my wife and I are in good grace. Now we just have to get our son’s back in the faith.


From the time I was a young girl, I knew I wanted to be married and have children. In high school I began to pray for a happy marriage. When I was 18, (and a year out of high school), I went to a volleyball game where I pointed to one of the players and told my friend that I was going to marry that guy one day. Crazy! I had no idea why I said that. One month later, we met; three weeks later we were dating, and 9 months after we met, we were married (both of us were 19). We celebrate 32 years this February. And, it has been a very happy marriage.


I realize I don’t know the ins and outs of your situation, but have you considered whether maybe God is calling you to date again? Maybe he plans on sending a nice dude to keep you company. Never know.


I met my husband when I was 17 and he was 18. I was 19 when we married. I had my first child when I was 21.


I already told God if he wants to do that, he is going to have to put “nice dude” right in my path and make it glaringly obvious, because I’m sure not going to go looking for a guy at this point, for many reasons, including the fact that I’m not particularly lonely for romantic companionship and feel I already wasted too much time pursuing that when I was younger and have zero desire to waste time pursuing it now or put up with all the headaches that come along with it.


Married at 29, ordained at 52. Celebrating 30th anniversary with my beautiful bride and 4 adult children this year.

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