How old were you?


So…we shouldn’t look forward to a thread detailing your adventure on Tinder?


Saints preserve us, NO.
I thank God daily that app and all other such apps weren’t around when I was young.
I might have been tempted to go on them just out of curiosity and added more trainwrecks to the pile I already managed to rack up by conventional means.


We have a friend who is single and on all those dating apps. Last weekend, he was letting me mess around on his account and I was swiping right/left on different women. After about twenty minutes I realized I had confused which direction meant “interested” and which meant “not-interested” so i inadvertently matched him with a bunch of crazies.


24 when married.


He’ll probably end up married to one you swiped wrong.


Married at 22 (husband was 25). We met 2 weeks after I graduated from high school, dated for 4 1/2 years before getting married. That was 32 1/2 years ago!


Ok, this make me spew my tea!


Makes me feel vocationless. Not to be confused with vacationless, which I suppose I am not. Your chicken noises signatures make me laugh. :blush:


Married at 16, my husband was 18. We had known each other for three years. We will celebrate our 47th anniversary in May. Both of us are cradle Catholics. We went to Catholic school, but I wouldn’t say that we were well catechized. God is merciful and good.


I got married at 26. We started dating while I was 23 and in graduate school.


Married at 25, hubby was 24. We dated about a year. I had been engaged twice before, but broke those engagements off because neither felt right for a long-term relationship. I knew in the first six weeks of dating that my hubby was the right guy for me. Our goals and our values lined up perfectly and I saw that he treated his mother like a queen. He always put me and wishes first over his. We will celebrate our 39th anniversary this year.


How old were you when you were …married

I was 23, my wife 22. We had known one another for 3 years but had never dated prior to our engagement. We both just knew it was what we were to do. I had not cared for her very much, and the one summer we both worked at the same place I didn’t like her at all. But after a week-long retreat I took in the summer of 1980 it became glaringly apparent to me that this was the girl I was to marry. She had been praying for the same sort of guidance, which I found out later. I invited her to dinner with some other friends on labor day weekend. 5 weeks later we were married.


Wow, this thread makes me feel old and like I don’t have my life together! Right now I’m 24 and haven’t received any of the above. Trying to figure out the plans God has for me currently… hopefully not too much longer.

Nice to see so many people with happy endings though!


Ha! I didn’t marry until I was 44 years old - to a woman I had met two years prior. That was 15 years and 4 kids ago.

24 seems like such a young age to be feeling old. (But, I get it…I assumed that marriage was never in the cards for me, until one day …when it all changed)

(And yes, with 3 in middle school and a 4th grader, I sometimes I wish I had cherished the relatively quiet life I once had - but only sometimes;)


Old enough to know better :joy: he’s six years younger than me nah seriously we are really happy though.


We were 26 and 34. After 8 years of relationship.


Awesome! My parents would have been married 55 years in 2018 if Dad had lived.

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