How old were your children when their adult upper teeth came in?


Ok, so my 5 yr old knocked out 3 of his upper teeth :frowning: and I forgot how old my others were when there adult upper teeth came in (out?:confused: ) so I was wondering if you remember when your children’s upper adult teeth came in?

I’m so upset. :frowning: He was at school at recess and was running, trip, and mouth landed on the slide. I’m just so thankful it wasn’t one of my older children.



My children are still in that stage. Its around six years, usually
1st grade, by I had early teethers, so they started in Kindergarden. Hope your child is doing well!


I knocked my top 2 teeth and one eye tooth out when I was 6. The 2 middle teeth grew in when I was about 7, just in time for my First Communion but the eye tooth didn’t grow in till I was 15. But I still had some baby teeth when I was 17.



Depends on the kid. I have one that lost them in Kindergarten. I have one that is in First Grade and longing for a visit from the tooth fairy.

Take him to the dentist and if the dentist feels it’s necessary, have him or her put in spacers. I hope your son feels better.


My grandson lost his upper front teeth at 2…he’s 4 and still waiting! My now 7 y/o grand daughter lost hers at 6 and is getting them now.


I don’t have kids, but I remember that I lost my first tooth (a top front one) on my 6th birthday and had the adult tooth in that spot by the time I was 7.

:shrug: The adult teeth will come in when they’re ready, and since it’s really not unusual to see a 5-year-old missing a couple of teeth, if the dentist isn’t concerned I wouldn’t worry about it. Those teeth would have fallen out on their own eventually. I do second the recommendation to visit the dentist, though.


Teeth started getting loose and falling out naturally at 4 and a half, front teeth are about to come in now, right after her 5th birthday.


Thanks everyone so far for your responses.

He did go to the dentist. They had to pull them out the rest of the way. It really scared me because when he came home from school and I look in his mouth, his teeth and gums were pushed way back and the gums were split open and I could see what I thought were his adult teeth but was actually the roots. I didn’t even know baby teeth had roots I thought adult teeth were the roots for baby teeth. Anyway, I asked if his adult teeth suffered damage and thankfully they didn’t. They also said he’s way ahead of schedule and that made me think he should be getting his teeth in soon. I called and asked and they said it could still take 2-3 years. So that’s why I wanted to know how long it took for your kids.



Here’s a fun site about teeth. You can watch little animatons about when the teeth fall out and come in.

Hope your son is healing well!



Thanks for the link. I was a little disappointed that it was very general as usual. I thoughht maybe the video would show how the teeth grow from the inside and what happens to the root in baby teeth since when they come out naturally, there is no root. And I do understand the average age when teeth grow in, I just wanted hear from actual people. Still, you took the time to provide the link and I appreciate it.

My son is fine. His gums still look gross. He hasn’t been bothered by this at all. I don’t even think he cried when it happened. The teacher said he got up and immediately went up the ladder and went down the slide. :shrug: He does have a nasty rash on his upper body that he is bothered by so now we’ll be going to the Dr. Mon. :rolleyes:



Sorry to hear what happened to your son! I remember my first tooth falling out when I was 7.5 years old! No joke. I am sure I was an anomaly.

Do you remember when yours first fell out? I bet it will be the same for him.


Baby teeth do have roots - they are re-absorbed by the process of the erupting adult teeth.


Here this is more detailed. Sorry the first one was too general for your needs. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps you visualize what’s happening in your son’s mouth!



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