How Older Women Are Reshaping U.S. Job Market


I don’t see this as a positive trend, but I don’t see an obvious solution either.


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Okay finally read it. A lot of men and women I know believe they cannot afford to retire and Social Security will not be around by the time both they and I retire. I do not see any alternative to be honest. I am very careful with my finances, I have no debt and try not to incur debt and I keep a close eye on my 401k investing as much of it as possible. I also have savings for the rainy days but I will have to work until I die. I can rest when I am dead.


I wish these women didn’t have to work so hard at that age…but boy, I sure admire them–some forging entirely new careers for themselves out of necessity.
It’s ironic that better health and longer life leads to…more work.
I sure hope the men and children in their lives, if they have any, are stepping up. Tho it seems that these women are often *supporting *the men and children in their lives…



I think the older men are also working alongside the older women. My mentor when I was first starting out was a man in his 90s. He was a physicist and he told me scientists never retired.


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The obvious solution is personal responsibility. People are not retiring because they are financially irresponsible. That is how it should be. The other obvious solution is to get rid of social security. People ought to take responsibility for their own retirement and not be a burden on society.


For some reason I don’t think the Pope will like this idea.


Believe it or not, a lot of people enjoy their jobs, believe they are doing something important, and don’t want to stay home all day watching cable TV.


Good point!:thumbsup:


I would argue that most people don’t. That’s why you have to pay them to be there.


Sadly, it’s an epidemic. We have a lot of Americans that are in similar situations. Fortunately, in the article Ms. Blanchette has the ability to work. Unfortunately, we are seeing an increasing amount of Americans that are encountering health issues due to obesity and long term sedentary life styles. These problems introduces the need for greater medical attention and the struggle to manage the incurring cost.

It solved today’s issue with government workers to throw them with in the public sector in having to struggle without a pension. However, like many of our financial concerns - we are just handing the problem over to a future generation.


For some reason there has been less and less security even if you have a pretty decent education and job. Good pensions are very hard to come by. Many of my colleagues have a master’s degree in education but so many of us have to work adjunct jobs. Health insurance is so expensive. It’s hard to save enough money for a easy retirement.


Good Pension? Outside of upper level government jobs? Does anyone offer them?

Another concern that you brought up - education. The lady in the article is struggling with low paying jobs. However, I find that many young people are graduating with graduate & post graduate degrees. But this only burdens them with a student loan that will take them forever to repay. For me education is supposed to prepare you for a good paying job that will allow you to escape many of the problems encountered from a lack of education. However, it seems to only introduce new issues.


What jobs pay well nowadays? It seems all the money is in sales, science-related jobs, government jobs, what else?


It’s not just a well paying job, but a well managed life. We all know people that who make decent money, than find themselves purchasing unneeded luxuries. I live in Southern California, therefore, I witness plenty of examples.

Sadly, many people do not understand finances. Just look at what people incurred from the housing crisis. Many are quick to accept credit without considering the true cost of renting money over time.

Than, even more people have less of a regard for their health. They smoke (not much in Cali), eat too much, drink too much and never consider the toll it is taking on their bodies.

Because of all these extravagances, we encounter money problems and are too sick to work. I am not certain what is the solution. But we have to bring more attention to preventing these problems because we certainly do not have the solutions to fix them when they confront society.

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