How our priest addressed PA scandal helped


Don’t assume I don’t think the predators should not be punished by what I said is reassuring.



Oh, I do not think that…!!

I think they should be held accountable by the laws of our country…not the churches definition of punitive action.

More importantly I think it is time for the church to step aside and let civilian LEO and the Feds get involved instead of what has been done lo these many years…finally we are seeing more movement on this.

A lot of these known predators need to have their visas and passports revoked and be remanded into custody…so they cannot be conveniently relocated.

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The thing regarding the PA scandal, most of the priests are dead or past the statute of limitations – so it happened like 20 yrs ago or more (over the last 60 years I think). They are credible cases but not PROVEN allegations. So how can the law do anything to anyone (not just priests)?



Personally speaking: I don’t think there should be a statute limitations on child abuse.

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I see it as a reasonable, sane observation from a priest. Didn’t sound like excuses to me. You might keep in mind that there are predators in every denomination and I happen to know of one who was my best friend. You just do not hear about them



Well, some, not all of the predators may be dead…but there are a lot of victims still alive.
So I guess I really do not have an answer right now to that question (long day, brain tired :expressionless:) but my initial reaction is then, "ok, we cannot do anything about those predators, nor the wolves who aided and abetted those criminals, so lets put 1000% of our efforts into victim aftercare and 2000% into prevention of any further abuses”

A couple years ago a very close childhood friend who was a victim as a child committed suicide after a very pained and confused life…alternating between homosexuality and heterosexuality…depression and anxiety…his family had disowned him and I just found out after adoration a couple weeks ago would not even have his body claimed…some friends from high school brought him back.

I can tell you for a fact his life was a wreck because of what was perpetrated upon him. I have no words over the anger that I have to all those who knew and helped this predator get away with destroying so many lives…not just this one friend who I had known since we we began grade school.

This is merely one example…so sad that there is a trail of tears from just this one instance with this one parish…and just one known predatory priest…who was in place for YEARS!

Can you imagine how many have been affected?

There is a great ripple effect from this abuse that affects the lives of so many in so many different ways…for so long.


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