How powerful is St. Michael in "spiritual warfare"?

I really need to know…

St Michael is one of the most frequently invoked in Spiritual battle. As he is in the Catholic Exorcisms. He’s in charge of Gods army so I would imagine he has a great deal of power.

The Chapet is recommended as it mentions in this link. You can google the Chaplet of St Michael for exact instructions on how to pray it.

St. Michael can overcome ANYTHING.

The point is not how powerful he is. The point is how big is our faith! :o

St. Michael came to my aid when I was being spiritually oppressed. I had been praying, asking for deliverance and Our Lord told me to ask St. Michael to help me. I was a new Catholic at the time and had never asked for the help of any other heavenly person besides Jesus and Mary. Our Lady also told me to ask St. Michael for aid, so I did. Instantly the oppression ceased. I had a mental image of a demon being cast down, back into hell.

For what it’s worth, I’m not a wild-eyed fanatic and don’t usually hear voices or see visions, but I did on that occasion. St. Michael has been my stand by ever since, especially when I’m “hounded” in the middle of the night (don’t these types of attacks most often happen in the wee hours for some reason?). That’s my “testimony”. I hope it helps you. :slight_smile:

What do you mean by powerful? And what do you mean by spiritual warfare?


As one of the very few angels mentioned by name in Scripture I would imagine that God has granted “him” great intercessory authority. Archangel Michael is also invoked during Solemn Exorcisms and in Pope Leo’s prayer. This powerful angel is widely regarded as not only the guardian of the Jews but, in addition to his personal guardian angel, the Pope himself. Archangel Michael is also credited as being the first creature to speak up after Lucifer’s sin which is why the name Michael means “Who is as God?” which would in a sense be the response given to Lucifer.

There is much information out there on Michael and the angels in relation to spiritual warfare but remember that one needs faith to move mountains…or to stand firm in SW, faith comes from our Triune God.


I believe he is pretty up there when it comes to battle. He protects me & my husband.

Prayer to St. Michael. . .
Saint Michael the Arcangel, defend us in the day of battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and the snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, By the divine power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits Who wander through the world Seeking the ruin of souls. Amen

hope this helps, God bless

To apply an analogy (which I’m not sure you’ll all agree with) God has no equal and therefore no true opposite. (I can already see theologians waving their hands.) The opposite of Satan is not God but St. Michael. Then again I really doubt St. Michael is “equal” to Satan. No, he’s stronger than him because he’s the one who cast the devil and his demons into hell! I’m sure I just contradicted myself somewhere here. :confused:

Speaking of the devil my late grandmother used to say “the devil knows more from being old, than from being the devil.”

I’m pretty sure sure St. Michael is (one of?) the patron saints of soldiers. He is also believed to have been Christ’s guardian angel. So yes, he is very powerful. And he has the best name!

Oh, and BluesPicker I could be wrong but I took the OP question to mean internal strife among other things.

St Michael was sent by God to defeat Satan. Some say he defeated him in the traditional (physical) sense. Others say in an extreme battle of intellect. Either way, you’d have to be pretty strong to to so. I believe that St. Michael not only maintains this strength but only gets stronger as Our Lord deems necessary.

Well that’s my :twocents:

Very powerfull. I’ve read many times of people seeing St. Michael right before satan was cast out of people during excercism (sp).
God bless
jesus g

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