How pro-lifers overrode Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s vetoes of pro-life measures


During the veto session on Wednesday, September 10 state legislators passed three pro-life measures: a bill giving women 72-hours of reflection time before making an abortion decision; an expansion of the tax credits that donors can claim when giving to pregnancy help centers, maternity homes and food pantries; and, a restoration of $500,000 in the state’s Alternatives to Abortion (ATA) program, all of which were previously vetoed by Governor Nixon.


Anyone out there want to try and convince us that Gov. Jay Nixon is a “conservative” democrat? Or justifty voting for someone who has such anti-life policy positions when there’s a viable alternative?

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PS—The “legitimate rape” excuse is non-applicable here. :yup:


There must be a better use for the forums than taunting people into debate for entertainment purposes.




Pro-life has made great strides in the culture to where even those who support a woman’s right to choose are coming to see that abortion is a rather repugnant moral choice. There have been no sympathetic female characters on mainstream TV since Maude, for example, who have carried out an abortion. This is not the kind of woman that American women viewers want to identify with. Movies like Juno, on the other hand, speak to the courage and heroism of girls redeeming themselves through choosing life as a valid response to their previous wrong choices.

The movers and shakers in the legal elites on the other hand are still far from the popular culture on this, and the law of the land is a long way from being questioned.

Red tape is a valid pro-life option. Over-regulating the abortion industry might potentially make it as inefficient as any other industry that has to muddle through an endless bureaucratic maze.

There is much that the left has to teach us on how bureaucracies can be our friend.


I’m looking for explanations of voting habits, which occur frequently on the News Forums and also is the only place on CAF where politics may be discussed.

I’m actually interested to get the wheels turning, because frankly I’m tired of certain Americans voting a certain way (a lot of times selfishly) and then getting upset (or maybe I’m the only here? :eek:) when their politicians betray their values and/or adopt anti-Catholic positions.

What I’m interested in this the prior comment and it’s false accusations which only leads to


which I am not interested in.


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