How Ranked-Choice Voting Could Change Massachusetts Politics

Are there other states with this initiative on the ballot? Maine already has ranked choice voting and now Massachusetts residents will vote on it.

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Yes, I don’t know if it pertains to always but I was told by one person to avoid “ranked-choice” voting and to say no to it.


It allows someone to vote for the candidate of their choice without their first choice being worthless if it isn’t one of the more popular choices.

I’d like to be able to consider the two remaining candidates, hear what they have to say without a cluttered field. I’d also like to know who my first choice candidate endorses.

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What about in races where only one person is running and you don’t like that person?

Genuine question, how would that be handled? Because a friend of mine lives in Maine where they have this, and for a local office the only person running was a democrat. Are right in options available?

That doesn’t sound like an issue that is related to ranked-choice voting. If only one person wants a job, and there are no other candidates to consider, then unless something disqualifying comes up that person can be highly confident they will get that position.

Seeing only one person running for a local position has been a fairly regular occurrence on my ballots.

For a write-in, there are often other conditions that must be met for the person whose name is written in to be an option. You would have to look at your local election requirements to see what these may be.

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