How reliable is the book "In God's Name"?

Has anyone ever read the book “IN GOD’S NAME”? It is an investigation into Pope John Paul 1 death and claims He was murdered. It is written by David A Yallop.

How accurate are his sourses? A Catholic friend of mine is reading it and i just wanted to know if this is a good idea or not.

I can’t speak for this particular book, but as a rule I stay away from conspiracy theories. I have some investigative background and can tell you that any conspiracy --and the wider and higher placed it is – is almost impossible to maintain for any amount of time. I know small minded people love conspiracies (it is akin to gossip and gives them a sense of enpowerment) but very few of the most famous conspiracies (Lincoln/Kennedy/MLK assasinations, UFOs, Bigfoot, etc) have been proven. And when they don’t get proven, the true believer will say “See? They’ve killed or silenced everyone who knows!” :rolleyes:

The Church has been accused by it’s detractors of many conspiracies in the past --in my opinion this is just one more to sell books.

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