How religion (really) drives support for the police using force

A year after the events of Ferguson, the public is still grappling with questions about race, inequality, and the role of police. Religious groups differ in how they view the use of force by police, but how they differ is not obvious at first glance.

The most supportive are Mainline Protestants and Jews. Catholics and those in historically black churches are the least supportive. But these percentages don’t show the true effect of religion on attitudes toward police; they are driven by differences in status, race, and education.

“Catholics, black Protestants, and those of minority religions are the least supportive of police. This may be due to differences in belief, but it may also be because these groups are historically the “out groups” in American society. - See more at:

Well im happy Catholics are considered one of the “out groups” but I think the study is getting at that religious people may be more submissive to authority.

Police officers are meant to protect and serve not terrorize and endanger.

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