How religious is the country you live in?

Im not looking at numbers or who is the most religious.
What i would like to know is your country a very religious country? Do most people follow a religion or do a lot of them go about their lives without God?
In this day and age people seem to think they can live without God, and i want to get an idea of what countries have great belief or little belief.
Thanks for your time.

USA … most aren’t very religious at all…


I think we are religious, but maybe not to God. I think government has replaced God in a lot of respects and Christianty has fused with politics in America. I don’t think we are truly faithfull to either however.

I know what you mean by this, in Australia, its pretty much the same i think…

Been living in Bolivia for the past 4 years. It´s been very interesting living in a predominantly Catholic country. I wouldnt say overall its more religious, a lot of indifferent people. but those
who are religious are devout. I love all the religious festivals here. Its beautiful. You can be walking down the street and run into a group carrying a large painting of their saint with a small band walking down the street. Here after someone dies, they have a funeral Mass for them, After 9 days they have another, after a month another and every year after. For all saints day, people bake rolls and bread and form them into Christian symbols and invite people into their house to pray and give them the bread when they leave. So much more I could write.

In the USA, where I live, most people are NOT religious, in the sense that they practice a religion, but most like to fight about it. That is they have very definite beliefs ABOUT religion, but not so much interest in actually following one.

I come from Norway, where 89% are members of the Lutheran Church, but most people never go to church except for baptism and other rituals.

I would say Norway is an extremly secular country, where knowledge about Christianity is very poor, and Christian faith, lifestyle and values are disappearing rapidly.

Thats very sad, Norway is a beautiful country with beautiful people (yes ive been there) and it would be a shame to see it disappear into a secular society.

USA is pretty diverse from what I can see. Many different religions practiced. All are free to practice whatever religion they choose, unless you’re a Christian, then you have to keep it to yourself or you might “offend” someone who isn’t Christian :mad:

Of course I’m being slightly sarcastic…

I am not a believer, but from what I have noticed in the US (I realize my personal anecdotal experience is not much to go on)
It seems that all the Jewish people I know, not one of them were “practicing” (like going to synagouge, ect. but they did do some holiday observances a few times a year) same with my christian aquiantances and friends. Muslims I have known, do get rather serious about friday prayers, but even they were pretty “laid back” in their faith the way they expressed it to me, but I dont know much about what they should be doing vs what they told me they do. Christians I have known, were overall no better, no nicer, no more honest or trustworthy than any other type of person. One of the largest reasons I never had interest before now.

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