How Religious Pious Mush has made Millions of Christians Culturally Irrelevent


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Thomas Casey

He doesn’t suggest what to do next either, though.


“Bible believing Christians” are at fault for the whole mess. They bear the blame.

They are the Churches who taught that abortion is not a sin and they are the Churches who council that it is not a sin to use contraception as long as it is “Prayerfully considered.”

The blogger brings up Israel’s first military defeat after being released from slavery in Egypt and after having made a covenant with God.

The LORD replied to Joshua: "Stand up. Why are you lying prostrate? Israel has sinned: they have violated the covenant which I enjoined on them. (Joshua 7:10-11)

Well, what do these same Bible believing Christians expect? They violated God’s covenant when they started allowing contraception and abortion. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Now they act surprised when God has turned his back and allowed the government to institutionalize the whole mess.

What to do about it? Unite under the authority of the Holy Father. That’s what to do about it. If they had listened to the Catholic Church in the first place then none of this would have happened. If the Christian world untied under the Pope, then no one would be able to touch us.

Instead their blood boils, and the are outraged. And all along the Catholic Church was right. And once again, the Catholic Church will save them from themselves.


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