How responsible was I...?

I am concerned of this moral dilemma:

I have a relative who is being fraudulent when receiving welfare benefits. I am afraid that I have responsibility in their sin for the following reasons-

a) they are not literate at reading English and at times they have asked me to read some of their forms and tell them when their appointments are with the welfare officers

b) I have accepted to be driven to a location whilst that relative was on their way to meet with welfare officers

I am now concerned about whether or not restitution falls on me…


I will give you the same advice I gave in the other thread:

You have scrupulosity issues. That needs to be under the care of a competent priest/spiritual director. You must got to your pastor and tell him of your scrupulosity and get under his care. He or his designee will help you start to properly form your conscience.

You simply cannot come here and ask if everything you do in daily life is a sin. It isn’t practical and it isn’t healthy and it will only make your scrupulosity worse.

Please see your pastor.

Leave this one alone. And as another suggested, deal with your issues of scrupulosity.

And could it be that scrupulosity is a way to worry about other people’s sins and minor issues as a way of avoiding greater issues of your own?

Can you refer the person to an organization like Literacy Volunteers which offers free tutoring and let someone else teach the person how to read, read those forms so that you won’t feel like you’re being an accomplice to a crime? It’d be doing 2 things in one fell swoop.

The person needs to get into an English as a Second Language (ESL) program. There should be different ones to pick for, many free.

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