How’s Your summer?


I’m in Narragansett, Rhode Island at a relative’s cottage for a fortnite. The Beach, Galilee, fish markets and Beer!


The weather started reasonable, but lately it’s been getting unbearably hot. I feel like I need to take daily trips to Menchie’s just for a little relief.

A lot of it has also been job searching. It started out of frustration with my financial situation, but once I started, I also stopped ignoring all the other things about my job that I don’t like, which has made work pretty miserable all summer, only helped by a few good friends at work. Combine that with studying for interviews, and I’ve been pretty much a zombie. On the plus side, I got to interview on site at Google. That was a lot of fun! Still waiting to hear back on the final decision (I think I’ll know this week).

Oh, and bees have also come back! They’re so cute!


Shipping up (back to) Boston!
Me and some of the family went to Block-Island, sat at the beach, had some food and drinks and went window shopping.


My summer? Meh. But it’s mostly my own fault.

Glad y’all are enjoying yours.


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