How serious is gossiping?

It seems like such a regular thing today. In school or at work if someone does something that’s funny or made someone angry, or just something plain interesting, etc., it seems only natural that most would either want to share or vent to friends or to stay in the loop. Now obviously things like deep secrets that were told in confidence or something that is just plain used to hurt another person is gravely wrong. But let’s say someone does something in front of the whole class that you found funny would it be wrong to tell or ask about? Any specific knowledge on the matter would be great. And again there are many more examples that I didn’t ask about so if anyone has an answer to something related to this, that would also be helpful.

This pretty much sums it up…:wink:

Gossiping is a serious sin according to Judaism, even when it involves something positive and even when it happens to be true. The recipient (listener) of the gossip is also to be blamed. Thoughtless words are much more difficult to retract than material possessions which are stolen. There are many books written about the potential dangers of gossiping, dangers one may not readily be aware of. Jewish Law, however, also speaks of certain exceptions to “tale-bearing” which are not only permitted but required. The Talmud notes that the tongue is the source of untold evil and that is why it must be protected by two walls of defense: the mouth and the teeth.


Gossip definition: idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others.

Not all sharing of someone is gossip.

Someone does something funny in class… To share or not to share? Will sharing this make the person feel bad? Did they also find the event humorous? How will they feel when one more person knows?

Someone does something interesting… if you share it with others does it have a negative effect on the person?

If they made someone angry… if you share it, will it effect either person in a negative manner?

If you need to “vent” your frustrations but in doing so you cause negative thoughts to be formed about the person… have you been a light to others or brought darkness over them? Is there someone you can “vent” to who will not be affected by your vent? “Venting” to your family might be better than “venting” to other classmates.

Remember someone who “gossips” with you, may also “gossip” about you.

Look at the situation, change the person to yourself, would you want this shared or not revealed?

Peace to you.

Yes unfortunately it is common.

As Christians we need to avoid such…

Now not all “sharing” is wrong. Detraction is yes wrong as is lying about another.But one must judge the thing.

As to gravity of detraction --it can be grave (like one tells that so and so is secretly gay) and it can be venial. Depends on what it is etc.

Gossip is a form of murder. It might not be killing someone physically, but it can kill people’s reputations, it can demean them in the eyes of others, it can cause devastating long-range hurt and suffering.
It is frequently a lie. Even by sharing elements of truth about a person, presenting even a slightly distorted perspective about a person presents a falsehood about that person.

If you can’t repeat what you are saying about someone to that person face to face, its best not to say it. Gossip damages reputations, the subject of the gossip AND yours for spreading it. People will begin to not trust you, they will wonder if you talk about them when they aren’t around.

Without trying to be alarmist…

it can be extremely serious.


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