How serious is sexual joking

Humor and laughter are probably my two favorite gifts from God. I get that it’s better to make and listen to clean jokes and for the most part I do. But are jokes where sex is the punchline and or frame wrong? I personally feel that if it is purely for comedy and doesn’t make you lust, it’s okay but I don’t like or tell jokes that are unnecessarily vulgar. If it is a sin, how serious? Now I’m asking about telling the jokes and listening to them so if I could get answers about both that would be great.

I would say that while humor is a gift from God and welcomed in most situations, there are those times when it is not ok. Sex is also a gift from God and is to be respected as such. Not to sound prudish but jokes about sex are usually not in line with the Church’s teaching regarding this gift. If the joke involved a married couple then I guess it might be ok but how often is that included?

My opinion is that most sexual jokes would be sinful to some degree just by the nature of its content but as far as the gravity of the sin it would depend on the severity of how this gift of sex is distorted. Yes, God wants us to laugh but not at His expense. Sex is for the conjugal love of a couple and for procreation. Not much humor to squeeze out of that… teachccd

I think it depends a lot on context. But also, I think there are sexual jokes that can be flat out wrong.

Between a husband and wife, or among close friends, with some level of maturity, I think sexual jokes can be entertaining … and even endearing. Like, the joke that kind of pokes fun at how sexual desire diminishes, or sexual activity declines. … I mean, I used to… never mind.

But sexual jokes that demean women (they’ve only too often been the brunt of such sexism)… is one that should not be tolerated.
(and I could look back and see how I’m guilty as charged, and then there are the subtle ways. But I guess I know better now…)

If the joke helps you to even temporarily loose the presence of God, then it would be wise to avoid a similar occassion next time. If it is troubling your conscience, i would think that the joke was a little dangerous. Since we shall later give account of every idle word we utter, it is always good to reflect back (as you are doing), and measure the consequences of our words. Could the joke weaken the conscience of one who heard it? Was the joke reflective of your love for God and neighbour? I hope such reflection will help.

As you mention, humor and laughter are gifts from God. Most subjects we can always find a way to enjoy the gifts of humor and laughter through jokes. It is not that some subjects, say sex for example, can never find their way into a joke.

Vulgarity would always be wrong.

I don’t like or tell jokes that are unnecessarily vulgar.

All vulgarity is unnecessary.

Know your audience and, as with any subject, do not degrade anyone or lead anyone to sin through their thoughts.


The problem with sexual joking is the potential of offending someone else, unless you absolutely know 100% that everyone that hears the joke won’t find the material inappropriate. That’s why I think you have to be very, very careful with this subject when telling a joke. Its a fine line with sexual jokes.

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