How should a catholic respond to the four spiritual laws?

Prayers are much needed. Thanks!

Yea, I can no longer in good conscious continue to have the same faith as christianity according to protestantism.

Prayers being sent your way.

This sheds a different light on it Cyril. Of course you must go through the process with integrity and conscience. You have given your word, and if you do not intend to keep it, you owe and explanation.

Let us pray that your sincerity and desire to seek God will be a testimony to everyone who participates.:thumbsup:

Cyril of Canada, your story is my story. We attempted to leave our church very quietly in peace, informing the pastors with whom we were friends of our intention. We merely stated our intent and were resolved not to enter into any discussions, ie, debates. The pastors put us under ‘church discipline’ (whatever that means besides public shaming) and we summarily lost all of our friends. What we endured was nothing to being faithful to God’s call.

I agree with the others; try not engage in any more dialogue than is necessary. I will be praying for you and your family as you remove yourself from Protestantism and that they allow you to move on in peace and love.

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