How should Catholics feel about the movie Sister Act?

I for one loved the movie. I watch it before I started my conversion and it open the door just a little bit to looking at the Catholic Church. It was not to a serious movie but it kind of humanized Catholicism for a protestant who almost though Catholicism was close to paganism. The only problem I could think of with the movie is that Whoopi Goldberg is some what of an open Atheist but not a bad person. Should one just enjoy the movie and except the actress and not worry about their personal life?

By the way it come on Lifetime today at 8pm (Central):cool:

Just enjoy the movie for what it is. We’re allowed to have fun, you know. :slight_smile:

I even liked “Dogma” – I admit the theology is, shall we say, weird; but if you accept it as “just a movie” and not a theological treatise it’s kind of fun.

The problem is that too many people actually do treat it as a theological treatise (just like they do with the DaVinci Code). It’s sad to see that happen.

I think I kind of answered my question as I asked it. I just needed someone to say it. Thank You. Certain shows though I can bare like family guy but I can’t stand Bill Maher; I just left the room where he was on.

Sister Act is on now.:extrahappy::extrahappy:

Whoopi is an atheist???:bigyikes::bigyikes::bigyikes:

I always feel slightly (unnecessarily) guilty when I watch a movie that pokes fun at the Church, like Sister Act. I mean, I think it’s a really funny movie, but it seems like it’s stereotyping nuns or mocking them or something. shrug

I never thought that Sister Act poked fun at nuns, I thought it did a good job of showing that nuns come in all shapes and sizes and, more importantly, personalities – something that even Catholics are wont to forget, tending to see them as ‘generic’ nuns, rather than individuals.

No, movies that really bug me are those like Ghost. I greatly enjoyed the movie, who wouldn’t with Patrick Swayze in it, but one aspect of it really, really bothered me. When Swayze’s character dies, nothing happens but when his murderer dies the ‘spirits’ drag him away screaming towards, we assume, hell. My first reaction was “Well, the writers certainly picked and chose which commandment they thought was important! They were both guilty of breaking one of the 10, so why treat them differently?”

I thought it was a cute movie and I thought Sister Act II had a GREAT singing scene…those Catholic kids were ROCKIN!

I think it’s a fairly innocent movie and the sisters do not come off bad as they would in other movies. I know of sisters who like the movie, and I have never heard of the Catholic League boycotting it, which they would do if the movie was slightly anti - Catholic. :thumbsup:

Okay, I’m glad to hear that everyone else found it perfectly un-objectionable. :slight_smile: It is quite a humorous movie!:smiley:

Sister Act is just a plain stupid movie. I saw it before becoming Catholic and I thought it was stupid then, too.

I never really thought of it as poking fun at religious sisters, either. I was educated by Sisters of Mercy (or, at least, in schools run by them) for 12 years, and my elementary school’s playground abutted the convent, so I remember well the variety of personalities that can coexist in habits.

Yeah, the movie was silly, but it was fun. Gotta love the song selections, even if some of them didn’t belong at Mass.

As far as portrayals go, I thought the Superior was excellent: smart, perceptive, understanding of human nature, courageous, and possessing a sense of humor. She was nobody’s fool.

Sister Act and it’s sequel(Which I kind of liked) were lighthearted films that were not designed to “sendup” but were designed to “warmup” the church. We have to be able to poke fun at ourselves.

The one minor issue I had was with the final shot where they appear to be peforming on the sancturary, I’m not sure Catholics would use the Sanctuary of the Church like that, especially with the Pope present… but it seemed to be a minor issue.

Ghost on the otherhand, is a Good movie when it focuses on romance, but a misguided film when it attempts to theologize. It comes across as being a mishmash of New Age Spirituality and Neo-Christian stuff. It clearly was written as an attempt to entertain a wide audience of any religion and it’s religious themes are damaged and made unclear by this. But as a romance it works.

Given that Latins have been having liturgical dance in front of Pope Benedict XVI, that would be no surprise. Given that in Australia, last year, Pope Benedict was wearing a blue & Yellow chasuble… (link to blog w/pix) again, a violation of the Rubrics, and no doubt, provided by the locals.

Whoopi Goldberg cannot act for toffee, IMO :cool:

I still can’t hear “Hail Holy Queen” without thinking of this film, nor sing it and want to add the embellishments that the film does.

All in all, an enjoyable movie that is not offensive to my Catholic sensibilities.

Sam, the Neon Orange Knight

I thought the movie was overly sappy, but that’s a personal preference. The only complaint I might have with the film is it took a spunky worldly woman to bring good music, confidence, and joy that inspires to a group of religious sisters. I know I hadn’t seen it before, but it felt like an over used plot line.

Maybe it might help with outreach and ministry to other communities! :heart:

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I’ve always enjoyed watching both Sister Act and Sister Act II: Back in the Habit. I also don’t think these movies are necessarily stereotyping nuns. In fact, I think it actually paints them in a fairly affectionate way. These movies have always helped me to realize that Sisters are human like the rest of us and that they have definite reasons why they entered religous life. At the same time, they help us to laugh by poking fun at the Catholic Church in a good natured way. :nun1: I also can’t help enjoying all the wonderful ways they sing the songs with such love. Also, along with Hail Holy Queen personal favorite song, by the way is My Guy. :thumbsup:

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