How should I address this concern to my Priest?

My parish priest gives homilies that usually are not clear and direct. There have been two occassions where he has begun talking about the Blessed Virgin and left me wondering what his beliefs are. I am inclined to believe that he does not think Mary was a perpetual virgin. We have never recited the Penitential Rite and I fear it is because he can’t bring himself to say “ever virgin”. How do I address this concern with him? I have young children and I won’t let them listen to his homilies if he is going to preach his private opinion.
Thank you,
Becky J

Dear Becky,

You need to inform him of your concerns and ask him point blank if he believes that Mary is a perpetual virgin. You’re obviously articulate. Don’t be shy. This is of great importance. He owes you the truth. If he is having a crisis of faith, he has no right to allow it to compromise his ministry to his flock.

I will be praying for you both.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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