How should I dispose of a corrupted Bible?


I am a Brazilian Roman Catholic and I have a Bible that was written with a Liberation Theology view, which is widespread in the entire Church in Latin America. The footnotes contain clear marxist vocabulary and the interpretation of every transcendental element of the Bible turns into a sociological interpretation.

The Bible has an Imprimatur, with the approval of the National Confederation of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), so it’s a “legit” Catholic Bible. The CNBB has been subject of many controversies because of its ties with leftist groups and leftist agenda.

I even considered burning it because of its distorted content, but I think it wouldn’t be the right thing to do as a Catholic. How should I dispose of this Bible that I don’t consider to be the true Word of God?

Bible: Bíblia Sagrada Edição Pastoral - Published by Paulus Editora


The Bible contains the Word of God and so I could see why you would not wish to burn it, if just the footnotes are problematic, that is. If you mean that Scripture itself has been altered then it is not the Word of God, but a fake version of it. Still, as an option to burning, you could send it back to the publishers, or relevant organisation. It does cause concern that such books gain the Imprimatur but sadly not a surprise.


Perhaps bury it in a place where it won’t be walked upon.


If you would rather have a different Bible, just get another. No need to burn, bury or destroy this one. Put it on your bookshelf, give it to your Pastor, but do not destroy it. It is a Bible.


The traditional way of disposing of holy books is burying or burning. Both are legitimate options. Personally, I would refrain from merely throwing it away.


Yes, the translation of the Scriptures are fine, as far as I’m concerned.


Seems the most reasonable thing to do. Thanks.


You could just scratch out the footnotes with a pen or pencil.


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