How should I prepare to go to Confession for the first time in 6 months (I'm a teen)?

I haven’t gone to confession for 6 months, and am a teen. How should I prepare to go and admit some bad sins, the worst of which is masturbation? And, how should I ask my parents to take me, as they rarely go and my church is far away from home?

Just ask them! I always tell the youth of our parish (usually after they took part in a Confession we arranged for their class) to ask their parents to go. It may shock them, but hopefully they will take you - and go themselves. As far as preparation and what to say, go in there as if you are confessing a smaller sin. Be sincere. The Devil want you to be nervous and stressed out because you might back out of going and he has won.

If they will not take you, God understands. Pray an Act of Contrition. Here is a Novena to St Philomena. It asks for forgiveness of sins and for strength to withstand temptation.

Look mate I am 55 and going to confession is still daunting to me but the relief and joy I feel when the priest in the name of the Lord forgives me makes me joyful then I am truly glad to have this blessing so yes I go with some worry but I know I that when I give a good confession I will be forgiven.

is there a Mass before confession? if so just tell your parents you would like to go to Mass that day and tell them that you would like to go about a half hour beforehand to look at the missal or something (if you are that embarrassed about telling them about going to confession). as far as the actual confession, just reflect on what you have done in the past six months, if you can not remember specific sins but you remember that you have sinned, just add to the end of the confession “these are my sins for which i am sorry and for all those which escape my memory, i am also truly sorry” and if you eventually remember them, the next time you go to confession just tell that priest, “father the last time i confessed i honestly forgot these sins (list them)” then go on with the rest of your confession


Examine your conscience and pray for guidance.

I saw this like on here and I saved it. I hope it helps you. I too am nervous about going to confess after a year. God bless :slight_smile:

I think the best advice I can give you, OP, besides making sure you have a good examination of conscience, (that link given by the last poster is an excellent one, I might add), is to be honest with Father, and don’t mince words about your sins. I sometimes have this tendency, and always ask God for the grace to be able to be fully open about my sins in the confessional. I am sure that when I confess, Father can infer what I mean, but I cannot always be sure, I suppose. I actually feel I have gotten better with that. I wish you the best, and will pray for you when I next pray a Rosary…

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