How should I share my faith with my daughter?


I probably have only one more chance to convince my daughter to have her baby baptised in the Catholic Church before she completely quits listening to me. My grandson is now 10 months old, and my daughter is a non-practicing Catholic.

When I try to talk to my daughter about Baptism, she usually shuts me down pretty quickly, and I’ve been told by others that it’s the way I am approaching her.

I try to talk to her in the most Christ-like, loving way I can. Maybe you can help me with a method of approach that will help her give serious consideration to this issue.

Thank you so much,
God bless,


I recommend reading How Not to Share Your Faith by Mark Brumley before “approaching” your daughter again. In this book Mr. Brumley points out the “Seven Habits of Effective Apologists” (which apply to evangelists as well). These seven habits are prayer, study, dialogue, clarity, faith, hope, and charity. After reading this short book you will be better prepared to approach your daughter in a more effective way.

For help with your study on baptism, I recommend these tracts:

Infant Baptism
Early Teachings on Infant Baptism
Baptismal Grace
Necessity of Baptism

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