How should I vote on the MN Marriage Amendment?

So as you may know, gay marriage is not recognized in Minnesota.

However, in the fall election, there will be a question on the ballot asking if I want to go further and make a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

I’m not sure why government/secular marriage needs to reflect the values of Catholic marriage (In many ways, it already doesn’t). I really want to suppor the Church on this, but right now Im more on the fence.

Today, I read this post from a Facebook friend:

" I could hide this from my church and my priests, but I won’t. I’m a devout Catholic. I serve my church with diligence and faithfulness. I will never ever leave my church, leave my faith, because I can’t, because I believe in the sacraments of my Lord, his grace through his mother, and the Saints. I will be voting AGAINST this marriage amendment, as a matter of law. Period. State marriage has never approximated Catholic marriage, and I see no reason why it should, because they are simply not the same. So bring the crucible. I don’t care."

I probably won’t vote against the marriage amendment, but I am sympathetic, as a fellow Catholic and fellow American, to his stance.

It’s quite a simple matter. Jesus commands us to love with divine love. That is to will the good of another. Thus, the good is a vote for marriage as God created.

When the law and the government is involved, saying “Jesus said this” is not sufficient justification.

For a Christian understanding, “Jesus said this” informs the conscience. It’s how you vote. And why.

That is why the law and government are based on votes. “Jesus said this” is sufficient justification for the individual Christian voters.

Gay relationship can be “civil union”, but cannot be called “marriage”. Marriage is between a man and a woman. That is God’s law, and natural law. Gay “marriage” should be banned. Marriage is a Sacrament in Catholic Church and cannot be “redefined” by any human being.

Information from the Bishops on this topic can be found here and here

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