How should ISIL be stopped?

I know we must promote peace & love, but I recently saw the brutality of this group and was wondering: How should these people be stopped without war? :confused:

The same way you stop nazis without war.

The same way you stop a rabid dog without war.

Answer: you can’t, without war.

There is already a war going on.

These guys have brought the war to us.

The US and other countries whose citizens are being violated by ISIL have the authority to apply force. The Catholic Catechism approves of such action (see attached).

Peace to all and God Bless.

Unfortunately, at the present time, ISIL doesn’t understand the word “peace”.

Pray the rosary. Pray it today. Pray it tomorrow. Get your friends, your family, your Twitter-followers to say it. War may be necessary sometimes, but without guidance even the best missile will go off target and destroy what was meant to be saved. May the Intercession of Mary be our guidance. She points the way to her son.

“The ways of God are entirely different from our ways. To us it seems necessary to employ powerful means in order to produce great effects. This is not God’s method; quite the contrary. He likes to choose the weakest instruments that He may confound the strong: “God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong — Infirma mundi elegit ut confundat fortia” (1 Cor 1:27).


I would recommend peaceful solutions such as diplomacy and negotiation. The US has been trying war and bombs for years now and it is found not to work. It has cost thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. Actually, it looks to me like the military interventions of the US in the Middle East have only created instability and made things worse than they were, and as well created horrific sorrow for the American parents of the dead American soldiers, not to mention the terrible suffering of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the area.

Only an army on its knees can stop ISIS. Today (10/7) is the feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, when Pope St. Pius V asked the entire world to pray the rosary. As a result, our lady delivered the fleet of the Muslim Turks (who outnumbered the Christian fleet) into the hands of the Christian fleet. All but about 40 of the about 270 Turkish ships were either captured or destroyed.

Through Our Lady’s protection and the intervention of the Holy Trinity, and ONLY with their aid, will ISIS be stopped. Remember that. The heavenly legions are more powerful than the legions of Hell. But we need to call upon them.

The only way to stop them is by military action (combined ground and air). Even the Pope has said that is justified.


Who do we negotiate with? What do we allow in the negotiations?

Do they retain their right to rule the world and spread Islam to every corner of the globe killing all who stand in their way?

That is what they want…they won’t rest until they are dead…or until they get it.

by stopping the flow of weapons. Go after the suppliers.


We are the supplier!!

They stole the weapons from the Iraqi army and the other half are the ones we “gave moderate rebels” in Syria.

One can’t go after “suppliers” because terrorists use any weapons available. IEDs can be made with household implements. Beheadings are done with sharp knives.

Diplomacy? Negotiation? Please. We’re dealing with monsters. They are not beheading soldiers; they’re beheading aid workers and journalists. There is no negotiating with a rabid dog trying to bite you.

Use Qatar as an intermediary, which has already been done with a question of hostages.
War has not worked. It has only made things worse. Ask yourself this question: Was this extremist Sunni group in existence before the Americans invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussein? Were Christians free to worship in Iraq before the Americans invaded?
Was the American backed Shiite Iraqi government fair to the Sunni minorities and did it allow them to have a say in the governing of the country?
How much money have the Americans already spend in the Middle East? How many people have died since the American invasion of Iraq? Is it really better now than before the invasion? Was the war worth it to spend all that money and to have so many people killed? What has been accomplished so far by America waging war in the Middle East? What is the origin of many of the weapons that ISIS has been using? Why do these extremists hate America?
ISIS needs to be defeated, but I don’t see how dropping bombs is going to do any good.

War does work - particularly where dealing with a ruthless enemy who only respects force.

In WWII, the USA adopted a policy of not negotiating with the government of Nazi Germany: nothing less than the complete destruction of that sick worldview was acceptable. So it is with ISIS: these monsters are the living embodiment of evil and must be treated as such. Some situations are beyond negotiations.

I actually agree wholeheartedly with sentiments that prayer is necessary, but so too is sober and clear-thinking action. There will always be someone who thinks more diplomacy is needed; after Pearl Harbor was attacked, the senate voted 99-1 for war with japan. The 1 was Jeannette Rankin, if memory serves. However, the Japanese warlords committed unspeakable atrocities in WWII and war was certainly justified. The same is true today.

I believe it is better for the world to listen to what the Vicar of Christ, the infallible head of the Catholic Church has stated: “No more war, war never again!” The Holy Father went on to declare: “Peace, it is peace which must guide the destinies of people” (Pope Paul VI, Address to United Nations General Assembly, October 4, 1965). This is why it is so important to try to resolve issues peacefully.


Before they get going.

Why wait until they are strong and getting stronger?

Why tell the press how many jets etc. they are sending?

They should get Assad on side instead of cutting their noses off to spite their faces.

Too late now.

As a Catholic? We should preach the gospel and convert them. Realizing we may have to be martyred (the line to sign up for this is short)

As an American. We should declare war. (the line for that is long)

Tomdstone, although I can appreciate your sentiments – and although we can look to the Popes for guidance – I can’t help but conclude that the “War never again!” is a merely an ideal which gives way in the face of a specific instance of aggressive war. The Church does not require us to believe that war is never justified, nor does the Church hold that.

Also, to the extent you favor diplomacy, please consider that diplomacy absolutely requires 1 thing which can rarely be assured: That the other side negotiates in good faith. According to his advisors who later spoke publicly, Jimmy Carter absolutely could not believe, in the late 1970s, that the Russians would lie to him, and he was absolutely floored when he learned that they had. Remember also that Japan had envoys pretending to seek a peaceful “solution” to US-Japan problems in 1941 even as the Japanese carrier fleet steamed toward Pearl Harbor to attack it, i.e., their “diplomacy” was a ruse designed to cover their impending sneak attack. So it is with ISIS: I’m sure you could find someone to negotiate with at their end, just so they could lull you into a false sense of security; buy time to rearm and get a respite, etc., but it would be merely a ruse.

As I’ve written elsewhere, there are some on this board who take Christianity to such extreme that no violence is ever justified - but that is not Church teaching.

I admit I’m curious – perhaps you are the 1 in 100 who would not have voted war on Japan after Pearl Harbor was attacked? Do you think the USA should have tried to negotiate peace with the Nazis in 1941?

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