How should one deal with this?

I’ll be straight; there are many who are calling for outright schism in response to the synod. How should we deal with this?

Well, schism in itself is a sin.

However, if the curia/magisterium openly espouses heresy, then it ceases to be the curia/magisterium (per St Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church) and we are unable to commit the sin of schism.

Since when was sedevacantism acceptable?

I didn’t say it was acceptable, but it obviously was a matter of importance, otherwise Bellarmine wouldn’t have addressed it.

Besides, there is a period of sedevacantism between the death of one pope and the election of another. That’s just a matter of fact.

I would say that anything in “response to the synod” is premature. How about we wait to see what El Papa does with the report. Until then, I’m not gonna waste too much gray matter on it.

That’s been my stance when questioned.

We’ve not actually received an official document…

What is it that the Synod said specifically that is causing people to call for schism? :eek:

Really? Who are some of those many?

Just settle down and wait to see what Pope Francis does with it. :hey_bud:

exactly, the synod itself is just that, a synod, where people give suggestions to the pope.

the pope has to make a decision about what he receives.

he may not change a single thing

has that ever happened in the history of the church?I thought it was protected by the holy spirit?

if so, what would we do?

Frankly, I’m kind of tired of this " sky is falling" rhetoric.

Those who are calling for schism, just like everyone else, will have to answer to God for their actions.

Isn’t there a sense of irony that you want to be straight, but then use the vagueness of the word “some” ? :shrug:

As others have said it’s tiring to hear the sky is falling all the time and the boogeyman is at the door.

First of all schism is not the right answer We must trust Our Lord and His Holy Vicar Pope Francis remember that Christ promises that His Catholic Church will never be overcome by the gates of hell.

Stay Faithful to Christ and His Catholic Church don’t follow the SSPX or SSPV in their errors.

By ignoring them.

yup. And really, when have you ever seen the mob mentality produce anything fruitful?
It’s based on division and anger.
Ignore such people.
Either the Holy Spirit guides the Church or it doesn’t. YOU decide.

Pray for them, pray for the Church, and pray for the strength not to harden your heart because of things you’ve read.

People who are talking schism are exhibiting an absolutely crystal clear example of the definition of oxymoron. With emphasis on the moron.

St.Peter answered that question 2,000 years ago when he said to Christ “To whom would we go?”

So these people, who don’t know enough theology to be able to come in out of the rain, are going to leave the One True Church, formed by Christ and handed down through the centuries under His promise that the Church would be protected from error in matters of faith and morals (something taught in the Baltimore catechism to children 60 years ago) because they know more theology than the Pope and the bishops in union with him?

Really? I mean, really?

I’d simply tell them to please use all due haste to get out that door, and make sure it doesn’t hit them in the rear end as they depart. Not because I think they are making a good, or intelligent or reasoned choice; but rather because if that is their attitude, they are going to harm others and I would not want them influencing the innocent.

In regards to the orthodox practice of Catholicism, those suggesting schism as an option are in fact not practicing Catholicism.

One cannot practice Catholicism and cherry pick what he or she wants from the Gospels. It does not matter how many Masons, modernists, communists, etc, have infiltrated the church. It has been revealed by the Son of Man that the gates of Hell will not prevail.

" pray, hope, and don’t worry"
Padre Pio

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