How should we love?


Love is the Spirit of selflessness, sacrifice and service. Love therefore is sublime, selfless, sacrificial, pure and unconditional. Those who love, therefore, do not make distinction between friend or foe; will put other’s interest and life ahead of their own; will unconditionally forgive others; will not take revenge; are generous, humble, patient, kind; will never seeks reward for acts of love; and will love others even in face of betrayal and hurt. Furthermore, they will see the opportunity to serve others as a reward, because love is the inner most longing of their spirit and the voice of God that resonates in their heart


“We love God not with our feet but with our hearts.”
– Johann Feneberg, German Jesuit; upon having his leg amputated below the knee (without anesthetic) after an accident


God is love. We are humans. But that isn’t to say we shouldn’t strive to love as God loves and is love.


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