How should we pray for indigent burials in our cemeteries?

I work with St Vincent de Paul and for over 100 years in our city the St Vincent de Paul Society has been burying indigent people in a lot in our Catholic Cemetery. For a number of years, a local priest was hosting services for people as they were buried, but this has stopped for atleast 10 years. So best I can tell, no one has prayed for our indigent brothers and sisters that have been buried there for that space of time. This would total to at least 150 people. I would like to start a program where we can properly pray for the indigent burials. Is November 2 the appropriate day, or is another more suitable? What actually should take place as far as rites or prayers?



All Souls Day (Nov 2) would be a perfect day to pray for such individuals. Their names can be included in the intentions for that Mass.

At the time of burial, a deacon (or even an appropriately appointed layperson) could pray the prayers of Committal.

A local parish could also include the names in unclaimed Mass intentions during the week.

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