How should we receive those in the gay and lesbian community?

I just read an article about Ian McKellen speaking to those who are in the closet, and he was talking about his own experience as a gay man, in the most profound manner. In fact, it gave me joy to see him take such pride in himself like that and to stand up for the outcasts in the community.

I firmly believe Christianity to be the only true faith, and I understand in Christianity that sex is reserved for marriage, and that marriage is a bond between a man and a woman. The only moments when homosexuality is referenced or alluded to, it is not endorsed. I want to be able to find a way to reconcile everybody to the Church. Sometimes it hurts me to tell somebody that I cannot endorse their relationship because it’s with somebody of the same sex. It makes me look back to the homophobia that I’ve encountered in my life, and it mainly came from making fun of a guy because he was like a girl, in the way he acted and in his sexual preferences. Only in one occasion did I hear the “Bible says so” justification.

What should I do?

Are you asking whether we should receive them with charity? Of course we should.

Are you asking whether we should endorse sodomy or same-sex marriage? Of course not.

I don’t understand why you have to approve their relationship. If you are in a crowd of people and mingling, the subject dosen’t need to be brought up. And we should treat everyone as another Christ regardless of who they are or what life style they have chosen.

Now if they ask for your approval, then honesty is a must, but kindness can still prevail.

May God our Father give you grace and peace.

I think we should act with love, and there are times where we must not say anything, for example if someone you barely know is on a gay relationship, it could be even counterproductive to say something. So in few words, act with love and intelligence.

Don’t equate your Catholic faith with bullies.
Catholics should do their best to love their neighbor and bullies who target people are not putting ‘love your neighbor’ into practice.

We can’t endorse a man/woman couple who are living together without marriage either.
It is a kindness to help people come into a right relationship with God. You never know when they will come before God to give an account for their lives.

I think the answer would be the same if the question were about an adulterous relationship, and would be patterned to what Jesus did with the woman caught in adultery. (John 8:1-11)

Jesus accepted the woman with love and forgiveness, but still firmly warned her: “Go, and sin no more.”

Like adultery, homosexual relationships are sinful and are contrary to what God had in mind about marriage when he created the two sexes. (Mt 19:4-5)

So, yes, continue to love that person involved in a homosexual relationship. Do not bully him or treat him unjustly. Treat him with charity. However, do not condone the sin. Do not approve of it. It is precisely because of love that you wouldn’t want that person to persist in wrongdoing.

I found the perfect solution, which is to treat the person as if I did not know of their sin, and then pray for them.

And change the subject or suddenly need to excuse yourself if they bring up their sin.

Receive them like any other sinner. Reject them if they are unrepentant. Some probably would like to reconcile their faith with their same sex attraction. Which is fantastic and I’m sure a big cross to bear. Unfortunately, most are bitter, liberals who reject the Church. Regardless of the sin involved, that attitude will prove to be fruitless in the end.

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I find the question odd.

The only way in which we should receive ANYONE is in love.

Don’t lecture, don’t harangue, don’t argue, don’t proselytise, don’t abuse, don’t condemn, don’t judge and, for God’s own sake, don’t reject.

Just love.

With all due respect Ian Mckellan is an unrepentant homosexual and according to the Bible if he dies in that state he goes to hell. Further, since he is promoting homosexuality and encouraging people to fall into that trap he is actually making his own case for salvation that much more bleak. The fact is his message is one of deception that is nothing to be proud about, on the contrary.

As far as receiving persons as Christian we need to do so by receiving them and not their sins, just like Jesus does with us. My advice would be to trust in God’s Word and tell these people to turn their lives over to Christ in order to be healed.

I 'm aware this part is mainly intended for catholics !!

OK , i’m not catholic !! If you refuse to receive gays or lesbians ,
just because they are gay or lesbian ; well , you can do whatever pleases you !!
But i say , they are welcome (just because they are gay or lesbian ) !!
Discrimination is not a good thing !!

Christ has told us to recognize right and wrong in ourselves and others. Furthermore, given the seriousness of homosexuality the most loving action to do is to tell people who are openly homosexual that God has not created them for this and He has something much better for them. Doing anything less is selfish and dangerous to their salvation.

salvation ??

The Bible says that the Gospel is nonsense to those who are perishing.

It is not to late my friend, you came to this forum for a purpose.

[quote=DexUK] I find the question odd.

The only way in which we should receive ANYONE is in love.

Don’t lecture, don’t harangue, don’t argue, don’t proselytise, don’t abuse, don’t condemn, don’t judge and, for God’s own sake, don’t reject.

Just love.

Love is not a fix all. It’s love that compels us to preach, teach and convert. We can judge right from wrong. We do not condemn. That’s the Lords business. This is modernist garbage and false ecumenism. Would you let your children go wild and do whatever they wanted? You would just love them into submission? If I was wallowing in mortal sin, I would hope that someone actually loved me enough to correct me and save me from damnation. Love means doing and saying the hard things sometimes. Your philosophy would have us holding their hands on the road to hell. If people get offended then so be it. Our Lord did not bring peace but a sword.

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First, chances are you do not know if somebody struggles with same sex attraction. The only way you do know so is if that individual makes it known to you.

If an individual struggles with that temptation, I would suggest commiserating with the person. We ALL have temptations with which we struggle. ALL of us. EACH AND EVERY ONE of us.

Consider this:

[bibledrb]1 Cor 10:13[/bibledrb]

ON EDIT (hit the submit button too early)

The problem is not if a person has temptation.

The problem is if a person is a part of a lobby.

So if a person has same sex attractions, I would embrace the individual…pray with him/her regarding overcoming his/her temptations and ask for his/her prayer in helping you with yours.

OTOH, if a person is a member of the “gay/lesbian community” – that tends to indicate a person who is a member of a lobby – or at least is being drawn into a lobby.


I’m hetero-sexual

I accidently found this forum , i came from greenspun lusenet (RIP , but still online) ,
and i did found some old (also bluespun (rip)) members overhere !!

Whatever you are and wherever you came from Jesus is waiting for you. That is why you are here. Join us.

Only the sex is sinful; there are chaste gay couples.

That analogy falls rather flat in that only some people in certain relationships have a duty to practice fraternal correction (parents to children, teachers to students, priests to the flock, etc.)

Homosexual desires are not normal, thus chaste homosexual relationships are not normal nor ordained by God.

Furthermore, while homosexual temptations are not a sin, dwelling on them to the point of lust is a sin.

It is also a sin to promote homosexual relations as normal, in any form.

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