How sick is too sick to go to Mass?

I never know when I am too sick to go to Mass. For example, I had a (non-contagious) infection – the more I drove and sat, the more I hurt. Spent Saturday in bed, not feeling too well Sunday but was able to eat and do a few things but still felt pretty bad, skipped Mass, tried to do a half day of activity Monday and relapsed, finally going to the doctor’s on Tuesday. My usual rule is that I have to be half-dead to skip Mass, but I have a tough time deciding if I need to go to confession in this situation or not. How sick is too sick? Thanks!

A confessor once gave me what I have found to be a helpful rule of thumb: If I am sick enough that I would stay home from work, then I am sick enough to stay home from Mass. If I feel well enough that I would go to work, then I am well enough to go to Mass.

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