How sinful in marijuana?


how sinful is marijuana ? does it matter if it is used regularly, abused or in moderation ?


I’m pretty sure it is sinful, for the same reasons as getting really drunk, having addictions, etc.


I’d say it is a serious sin. According to 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, you body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.


*I would say this is a sin. You are altering your thought process perhaps for your own pleasure. Your body is the temple of the LORD.
I believe there is a difference if some one is seriously ill and experiencing end of life pain/suffering. If other forms of pain medication are not of help and the marijuana does help, then I am not so against that, rather that is alright I am not positive. I myself have never tried it and do not plan to.
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That depends on the motivation of the user.


It seems there are two things. For instance, I was reading Mr. Salza’s web site and whether drinking is allowed. He contends that drinking in moderation is allowed. It really comes down to whether or not we are abusing it. Also, if the drink is more important than our relationship to God. But then again, this could apply to anything that we place before God. So, in this sense, if you agree, the moderate use of marijuana might not constitute a sin. However, we are also mandated to respect worldly authority, so long as it doesn’t contradict God’s Law. So, it would be sinful because it is agains the laws of man.

I would ask the previous posters about Christs admonition that nothing that enters the body can defile only what comes out of it. I’m not trying to argue, I really want to learn.


Your answer is HERE


How about if used in moderation? I know plenty of Catholics who drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes… even priests (they know their bodies are temples yet they still use cigarettes and alcohol very moderately) If used in moderation how is pot any different?


Alcohol and cigarettes are legal :wink:


In moderation… it could be fine. When it is affecting your life (and mind you here in Texas it is still very illegal to be in possession of any amount of weed.) is when you’re putting the weed before God. Atlas this is a sin of grave nature.
Unless you live in a state that has friendly marijuana laws, being in possession of the weed could negatively affect your life. When that happens you’ve got to ask yourself

“Was I buying that (illegal)l weed to become closer to God, or satisfy my own selfish needs, not taking into consideration the lives of my Wife and Children or anyone else whom might care for me at all”

Not to mention, the rare case where you could get hurt or killed by some nutcase looking for some money/drugs that he knows the pothead hippy who sells the weed down the street has…


I think no matter how much you use it, it’s already a sin. Because even a bit of it already affects mental processes - as opposed to alcohol, where you can have a glass of wine but nothing will happen to you.


And it viiolates a legitimate civil law (which prohibits its use). You could argue that the law should be changed, but until and if it is, you must abide by it. It is no different than a law prohibiting drinking alcohol below x age, or setting limits of quantity allowed for home brewing wine (for example)


like a few have mentioned drinking in moderation is okay, thats why i ask this question. when i drink i often loose control. but when i smoke i only become mellow, and am still very aware and able to make decisions. i dont intend on abusing it. one hit or two…in moderation. i know it is illegal, but not in some states such as calif. i have stopped smoking but then started drinking,and as i stated before when i drink i loose control. i am going to stop drinking, but just wanted to know if moderation of smoking would be okay(sinful).
it just really helps me to relax and mellow out, as a cigarette does for others.


to be honest, I think it is problematic when people begin to turn to drugs or alcohol to ‘focus’ or ‘feel peace/relax’. That’s a symptom of a deeper problem… I think it’s better to turn to God.


*Dear amariec,
I love the fact that you are asking “How sinful is marijuana?”,
because that makes me believe you are concerned with sinning,
and that you do not want to sin,
so to be on the safe side …
don’t use marijuana and you are saving yourself from **any ***amount of sin!
God Bless,
Angel Face


I’ve heard droll stories from both Melkite Catholic and Antiochian Orthodox priests about doobies in the parish hall after Liturgy–used by the OLD folks from the OLD country!


Perhaps where you live there may be a law against it, but for that to be the reason alone becomes a circular argument. Even so, while we are admonished to uphold civil authority it is not a moral absolute. We are all obligated to adhere to our consciences above any merely-human law.


so is abortion.


yea i am concerned about sinning. i obviously do not want to put anythings before god or do anything that would separate me from his love. i just think if used moderately and not abused then it wouldn’t be any different than smoking tobacco or drinking a beer. or is it?


Any different? Yes, it would be better IMHO.

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