How Sloth, Or Laziness, Can Makes a Life Barren and Without God, and What Can Be Done About It (an article)




Thank you, a very good article. Quite convicting… :frowning:


Thank you for sharing this…


what if we are sick or on sickness benefits instead of working a job? or feel incapable of doing much work because we are not up to it mentally and physically cause of illness?



I actually find this article a rather poor description of the vice of sloth. There is little mention of the virtue that this vice opposes, which is charity. People get slothful because they couldn’t find joy in loving God.

CCC 2094 One can sin against God’s love in various ways…acedia or spiritual sloth goes so far as to refuse the joy that comes from God and to be repelled by divine goodness.

As you can see, sloth is actually more serious than the article states.


Is that like the sense of worthlessness that causes lack of effort, or disbelief that joy will come? What about people who try to do well but seem naturally to not experience joy, and might tend toward pessimism because of this?

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I think what you are describing is “spiritual dryness.” Here is an article on sloth, which includes distinguishing one from the other: The Vice of Sloth


Thanks, that is helpful. I like the description of Sloth as “a perverted sorrow.”

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