How soon after death should a funeral take place?

My father passed away early yesterday morning. My brother who is his executor has decided to have his body cremated and hold a Rosary vigil and funeral Mass at our father’s church a month from now. I am upset to think we are waiting a month and I wonder if the Catholic Church has established a protocol for the timing of a Funeral Mass. Thank you!

There is no exact protocol for how soon a funeral should happen after a death. The usual is 3-7 days after death depending upon the schedule of the funeral home, parish, and family availability. However it could be longer if the deceased needs to be transported to another region or if family is scattered.
Obviously most consider it respectful to have the funeral as soon as reasonably possible after death to avoid any appearance of irreverence towards the deceased’s body. Extenuating circumstances could reasonably cause a delay in a funeral.
While the situation you describe is not ideal, it does not seem to be inherently disrespectful either.

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