How specific in confession?


If a person has committed a sexual sin, such as pornography or masturbation, can the sin in name only be given? Or do you have to go into detail about what kind of porn it was (like if it was homosexual in nature, soft vs hard, etc.) or in the other case, what you fantasized about (like if it were a really dark fantasy)?

Confessing pornography
How detailed must one be when confessing sins of impurity?

Hi Zig,

You need to name the sin. But you don’t have to go into detail.
For example, just saying “fornication” is enough. One would not have to explaine more about it–unless the priest asks for clarification. When I hear Confessions, if the person confesses having stolen, I always ask what it was that was stolen. It could be five dollars or a Honda SUV. The sin needs to be clearly stated.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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