How spiritual beings can sustain themselves?

We know that human, animal, plants, etc. need to eat to survive, reproduce and act. How about spiritual beings? Do they eat some thing? If no, how they could act!

They don’t have to sustain themselves, they’re exempt from the laws of economics.

So they can affect on material without spending energy? This is logically impossible unless you accept they are like God: having something out of nothing.

Like gravity or electromagnetism, spiritual beings act on material beings without material sustenance.

God’s Providence and power brings spiritual beings (and the forces of gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear) into existence and sustains them.

May the Force be with you.

Jesus promises to share His Divine life with Souls who get to Heaven.

Our Souls are Spirit,

God Himself is Spirit

The angels are spirits

Although God is infinitely greater than all the souls of humans and angels as God is the infinite creator and sustainer of all things spiritual and temporal.

Haha :slight_smile: Bahman my friend I told you about a month ago to read St Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologia,
And to read the Catholic Catechism, to get a proper idea of catholic philosophy. :slight_smile:
It would answers all your questions and then you could ask us questions on those two books :slight_smile:

You are on a Catholic forum, but not everyone here are experts on the catholic faith, not everyone here is catholic, and not everyone here are devout practicing believing Catholics.

The advice of some people here could be erroneous.

Don’t waste your breath. I’ve been telling him the same thing for around two years now and he just doesn’t seem interested in actually expanding his base of knowledge.

Spiritual beings consist of only intellect and will. They do not store or expend energy. They are superior to us in both intellect and will. Conventional laws of physics do not apply. They can simply will an effect.

Question ? When I read the question I initially thought that as a Catholic Christian I sustain myself spiritually through the Sacraments and in particular through the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Am I incorrect? Thank you.:signofcross:

That is a wrong analogy. Electromagnetism is a part of material world.

So God in your opinion sustain everything. What is the use of all complexity in our body if God could simply sustain us?

Lets be specific on Angels. How they could act on material, first when they are spiritual (immaterial) and second the act requires energy? This seems to me that they can create energy out of nothing.

Thanks for your advise. I unfortunately don’t have that much time to read and understand books. That is why I post my question here.

I just don’t have time to read books so I post my question here for quicker answer.

So they are gods or Gods?

I think it’s important to be clear that Christians do not view the human soul as some kind of “ghost in the machine” that can be “truly human” outside the body. That’s gnosticism or Cartesian dualism.

Christianity has proclaimed the resurrection of the body from the very first moments of its existence. To quote the Catechism of the Catholic Church, “body and soul, but one.”

No. They are neither gods or Gods.
There is no logic which leads from my statement to yours.

That I know. You however didn’t response to OP.

They/Angels are not bounded to laws of nature and indeed they are superior to laws of nature. So they can cause/create something out of nothing. Isn’t that a definition of god or God?

How do you know that electromagnetic force ceases to exist in the absence of material?

He has not told me why yet? Perhaps, you could ask Him?

I didn’t state that Angels are not bound to laws of nature, only that conventional physics do not apply.

Conventional physics includes laws such as conservation of mass and energy. Einstein has shown that these laws do not apply in all cases. In fact, there is an equivalency between the two.

A definition of God is way more extensive than merely creating things out of nothing, although that is one of His attributes. Angels cannot create something out of nothing. Matter can be created from energy.

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