How the GOP Became the Party of Putin

What I never expected was that the Republican Party—which once stood for a muscular, moralistic approach to the world, and which helped bring down the Soviet Union—would become a willing accomplice of what the previous Republican presidential nominee rightly called our No. 1 geopolitical foe

Tragically sad.


The biggest farce is the affirmation of their government over ours. A lot of persons working in security (the straight arrows/ the backbones of our country) have had their words and warnings taken to task in lieu of the words of a foreign government.

Isn’t that the smell of treason? It’s much worst than tragically sad.

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Pathetically ridiculous.
First, in all matters, economic, militarily, politically, China is our greatest geopolitical foe. Russia, by comparison, is not much more than a third world economy that just happens to have nuclear weapons.
Second, despite all of the claims from the progressive left, Trump had been much tougher on the Russians than Obama was. Did that make Obama a Putin puppet? No.
Obama sent billions of doin cash to Putin ally Iran. Does that make Obama a Putin puppet? Nope.
Obama sat by and watched Russia invade Crimea. He did nothing to stop the invasion. He even refused to send arms to Ukraine. Did that make Obama a Putin puppet? I don’t think so.
Obama consistently sided with Russian ally Iran’s terrorist proxies against American ally Israel. Didn’t that make Obama a Russian asset? No. The Obama administration “warned” against Nord Stream 2, but didn’t do anything to stop it. Now Obama is a Putin Puppet! Right? No.
In all of these ways, Obama and his administration made pro-Russia bad decisions. His administration was far more helpful to Russia than Trump. Trumps actions have been far tougher on Russia.

If Republicans are Russian puppets, then Democrats are Putin allies.
Both propositions are nonsense.


and has made a solid commitment to sow discord in the American political institutions, which in the long run might do more damage than a nuclear attack would in the short run.


I agree. So did Ukraine. So is China. And Trump needs to do a lot more to stop it than Obama did.

Did a lot more than Obama does not give him a pass for his own indiscretions…its like that old military axiom, “one ‘Aw Shucks’ cancels a million ‘Atta-Boys’” .

The “He did it too” defense never played any better with parents than, “Obama did it too,” should play with America.

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Exactly right! That the Dems are suddenly so concerned about Russia,yet never mention China, which actually is a threat to our geopolitical future .Seriously


Trump isn’t a one man show, we don’t have an authoritarian system of government, we maintain a balance of power federally and by the states.

Trumps invite of Putin back into the fold of the G7 was lack of political hindsight and foresight as well as doing Putins bidding. This is a result of what happened to him, an act of non-aggression after declaring a portion of a nation Russian territory.

Trump orchestrates under the guise of business, his. His benevolent hopeful foresight into Russian Trump Towers is showing, it certainly isn’t his political savvy or a respect for the actions of reasonable men when faced with tyranny on the part of one.


He has made no indiscretions regarding Russia that I’m aware of, at least not to the degree Obama did. But that said, Obama’s record is such a low bar, significantly better should be the standard.

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Fair enough…I think we both have made our point.

My own thoughts is that there is a long track record of Trump’s indiscretions in the diplomatic relationship with Putin (look only to the “he told me they had nothing to do with it, and I have no reason not to believe it” [paraphrase].

In the end, while I believe there are no indiscretions your are aware of, my own thoughts are there are no indiscretions that you feel are credible…big difference.

But, I’ll leave it at that, and back out of this thread leaving the last word to anyone who feels a need for it.

I agree. Neither was Obama, appeals to phones and pens notwithstanding.

That’s an opinion of his decision, which he did based on his view of America’s best interest. As president, he was elected to make such decisions. If Americans don’t like it, there’s an election next year.
I hold a similar of Nixon’s efforts with China, in retrospect.

Again, an evaluation of his actual actions disputes your view of his motives.

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Again, it is your opinion that this was an indiscretion. Trump has the practice of complimenting foreign leaders he is trying to negotiate with. He’s done the same with Kim.
It doesn’t appear to be very effective, but it isn’t an indiscretion in my view.

You might want to read the article respond the points that it is actually making about the GOP being Putin’s party, instead of the long off-topic, flood not dam, deflection.

Love to see “Progressives” absolutely dying for a war between superpowers. More jingoist than the right wingers.

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Sure. Opposing the adoption of Putin’s narratives and acquiescence to his efforts to undermine America in its foreign and domestic affairs is tantamount to “absolutely dying for a war between superpowers”. You may even recall that we managed to successfully navigated the cold war with a “a war between the superpowers”.

Talk about conspiracy theories…this one takes the cake!


This seems to be mainly observation.
What is the theory that you have in mind?

Interesting. Sort of like saying atheists are Stalinists and Maoists.

Sort of like B. Hussein Obama trying to load the courts with progressives. (Don’t like the nickname, don’t use one. At least that’s Obama’s name. Claiming McConnell is a Russian asset is a flat out lie.)

This is an overtly racist comment.


For the record it was a lifelong conservative who slapped Mitch with the name/title. I wonder if Joe even accepts some of the judicial appointees as true conservatives.

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