How the liberal wish list could bite Democrats

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Man, politicians are such dimwits, it really drives me crazy.

Universal health care? First find out why costs are so high! I could support this if a workable plan could be developed. I wouldn’t mind stuff like taxes on cigarettes to pay for smoking-related diseases, taxes on alcohol to pay for rehab, etc., either.

Free college? That’s a rough one. We already have sky-high college tuitions to pay for all sorts of crazy, non-college-related stuff. We also have job requirements for college that really don’t need college, iyswim. We also have a push to get everyone through college and a dearth of people to do stuff that doesn’t require college.

How’s that $15 minimum wage working out in Portland? How much will this push potential employers to switch to automation instead?

And where will the money to pay for all this come from?

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