How The Republican Party Uses Donald Trump

With a tax cut, the expansion of the military budget, two Supreme Court picks, multiple judicial appointments to other appellate courts, and the wholesale demolition of key regulatory protections, the Republican Party is exulting in results. It can afford to lose the mid-term elections, and even the 2020 presidential election, without excessive regret. Even with those setbacks, the steps already taken will require decades to undo. Is it any wonder why support in the Republican Party for Donald Trump remains so strong?

The structural gains made in implementing the Republican agenda over the past twenty months, with the help of Donald Trump, will endure for decades. The Supreme Court appointments are for life.

Moreover, if Republicans manage to maintain control of at least the Senate in the mid-term elections, the Republican Party will be able to elude any significant undoing of what they have accomplished.

I have hearing some squeaking in the media about some guy named Bob writing a book about President Trump?

God bless the voters who saw the big picture!


LOL…“There you go again!”

If the Republicans were smart, they would nationalize this midterm election on these very issues, and a few others.
They seem to be accepting that they’ll lose the House, when the economy dictates they should win.

Trump is most definitely in charge – and he is changing the character of America
step by step.

Trump is advancing post-liberal politics in three key areas. First, a foreign policy that is marked by realism totally undisguised by platitudes or historical sentiments.

Second, Trump is pushing forward with what former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon once described as the "deconstruction of the administrative state.

his third assault on the liberal consensus: social policy. Immigration is a stark example. Trump’s supporters see fighting illegal immigration as a matter of enforcing the law

just wait until Donald Trump announces his Supreme Court nominee.
Trump is not the President for all Americans, but he is finally redefining the country along lines approved of by those Americans who lent him their votes in 2016.

Trump won the election.

Clinton lost the election, THANKS BE TO GOD.

In her own elitist words …

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And Gary Johnson came in third, let’s not forget

his conservative record suggests he will bolster the pro-business leaning on the court, advance efforts to strip power from regulatory agencies, slow the expansion of gay rights, strengthen gun rights and open the door for states to chip away at access to abortions.

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