"How the Stages of Starvation Describe the Decaying West"; an Article


see http://blog.adw.org/2018/07/hunger-hallucinations-stages-starvation-describe-decaying-west/

This article characterizes the decay of society with these words (which this article explains when it come to what is happening to society): weakness, confusion, irritability, immune deficiency, feeding on own muscle tissue, internal organs shutting down, hallucinations, convulsions and muscle spasms, irregular heartbeat, sleepy, comatose state, death


Funny how so few who gripe about how “decayed” the West is seem to take packing up and heading for greener pastures seriously, and why so many are banging at the door to be let in.


Not surprising when Soviet talking points (impossible ideas of equality, an even more bastardized idea of “political correctness,” etc.) are now normalized in the west, even amongst Catholics.


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