How third-party votes sunk Clinton, what they mean for Trump

As it appears the Republican Party will re-nominate Trump, it remains for the Democrats to either pick another candidate incapable of appealing across a broader spectrum, or not. If they go with Bernie, or Kamala, there might be even more third party voters.

Unless Biden’s health becomes an issue he has it locked up.

Judging by the way he looked so lost in the earlier debate it looks like a real issue.

Didn’t Jeb Bush have it “locked up” at this point in the last election cycle?

Not that I remember.

I remember for the both of us.

You might want to try citing a source then?!? You think!?!? That’s usually a recommended practice when making a claim.

I didn’t think we were speaking that seriously.


You brought it up!!! I don’t know if your serious or not.

If your going to claim something please be prepared to defend it (cite a source).

Uh, it was just a comment, not a premise in a debate. You’re far more invested in something I view as casual discussion than I am.

Then why the defensive:


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Getting back on subject:

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