How to address a bishop (in a letter)

I want to write a letter to a bishop of a different diocese.

Dear Bishop N., …?
Dear Your Excellency N., …?

I’m posting this in “trad catholicism” because the trads I know would know this sort of thing. This thread probably belongs somewhere else (but I’m not sure where)

There are two forms which may be used:

The traditional way is to begin the letter with “Your Excellency” (without the “dear” and without a given name or surname). For an Archbishop (as well as for Eastern bishops), it would be “Your Grace.”

The more contemporary way is to use “Dear Bishop (or Archbishop) [surname].”

Go with:

Your Excellency,

Thanks for the information. I need to write a letter to our bishop about some concerns my husband and I have about a few issues.

A Cardinal would be addressed as Your Eminence and referred to as His Eminence.

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